Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Canty steadfast in service to museum

Now, more than ever, people need to find inspiration and guidance in their every day lives. These times test even the best of us. As I prepared a Sunday school lesson on people of faith, I came to realize such an outstanding person worked close to me. Her name is Mary Canty. Mary has been a matriarch for the African-American community for many years. Mary is now the only person to volunteer her time at the Myrtle Beach Colored School Museum. She keeps regular hours there, often having to walk from her home. I am amazed at her super attitude despite the lack of support from her own community. I feel privileged and blessed to be friends with such a strong, Christian woman.

Frank Clark

Myrtle Beach

Thank you

School appreciates crisis donations

The staff and students of St. Michael Catholic School in Garden City Beach would like to thank the businesses who generously donated to our crisis kit. Thank you very much Costco, Lowes and Sam's Club for your generous donation. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Margaret Peters and Miriam Jones

Garden City Beach

Myrtle Beach

Tax discourages visitors, commerce

Just paid 9 percent tax for toilet paper and napkins in Myrtle Beach. Those outside city limits don't get a corresponding property tax break. Locals and tourists hate this tax. Ask proprietors of local restaurants and stores what customers are saying. Buy $100 of clothing and pay an extra $9 or pay an extra 11 percent for a meal. All for tourism, for signs and ads for hotels. Let hotels promote tourism, not us. I buy clothes in Pennsylvania and pay no tax; I go to Bethany Beach or Rehoboth in Delaware and pay no taxes. Our beloved President Obama's value-added tax on top of our federal taxes will make matters worse. Locals and tourists have no detailed accounting of where Myrtle Beach's extra penny goes. Stop the madness. Plant flowers and trees, kill weeds along the roadside, cut the grass, don't charge $120 for a tail light malfunction, and maybe tourists will come back - just because it is a beautiful place and because it does not cost them an arm and a leg.

Randy Bryan

Myrtle Beach

DECA students

Thank you to teacher, sponsors

Having lived in the Myrtle Beach area for over 28 years, it is so nice to know that we just have one of the most caring and giving business communities. My daughter Amanda Millen and her partner Cameron Clark, both Myrtle Beach High School students, recently participated in the National DECA competition in the category of Business Law and Ethics in Louisville, Ky., after having placed third in the S.C. competition. I would like to thank their teacher sponsor, Cyndi Teegarden, for taking the time to spend one week with this group and making it fun for them.

I also would like to thank these sponsors for helping Amanda and Cameron make this trip possible:

Edwin Hinds, attorney, Bellamy Law Firm; Tommy Rice, attorney, Rice and MacDonald; Tommy Brittain, attorney, Hearn, Brittain and Martin; Dan Riegle, attorney; William, Monckton, attorney, Monckton Law Firm.

Thank you again for helping these students attend a trip of a lifetime.

Donna Millen

Myrtle Beach


Businesswoman has ideas to act on

A competing candidate for S.C. superintendent of education claims Elizabeth Moffly is not qualified for the position because she does not have an advanced educational degree.

Those degreed people are exactly the ones who have led us to the educational disaster we are in.

Jim Rex (current superintendent) has a PhD. He has been an abject failure at improving the educational situation.

Moffly is not of the educational establishment. She brings fresh ideas and solutions to the problem.

She promotes four initiatives that will substantially improve the educational success of our children while reducing the high school dropout rate.

Her plan for the improved education of our children can be seen at www.votemoffly.com

Moffly ran in 2006 for the superintendent position. She has analyzed and tracked the Department of Education policies for the past six years. She knows more of the educational issues facing our kids than any of those running for the post. She has a practical program for improvement.

She runs businesses. Her decisions and policies have made her successful. She can bring the same effectiveness to the job of improving education. I urge you to support her in the Republican primary June 8.

John Holmgren