Letters to the Editor

Fair Warning

Earlier this month, Accuweather.com released its annual doomsday projection of hurricane threats for the coming year, saying "From the standpoint of number of storm threats from the tropics to the U.S. coastline, we will at least rival 2008, and in the extreme case, this season could end up in a category only exceeded by 2005."

While the predictive power of these sorts of statements is close to nil, they do serve the purpose of getting us thinking about hurricanes again a couple of weeks before the season "officially" starts in little more than a week. Decide on a destination in the event of evacuation, know your route (www.sctraffic.org/northernmap.html) and prepare your personal belongings.

After all, no matter how many "Category X named storms" they predict, it takes one strong hurricane to bring serious devastation to the Grand Strand through storm surge and inland flooding.