Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Letter writer's musings getting old

Re Bill Hancock letter, "Fears about Obama come to pass," May 10:

Hancock's continuing one-sided diatribe reminds me of the 1937 song "Johnny One Note" by Rodgers and Hart:

"Johnny could only sing one note

"And the note he sings was


"Poor Johnny one note

"Sang out with gusto

"And just overlorded the place

"Poor Johnny one note

"Yelled willy nilly

"Until he was blue in the face

"For holding one note was his ace."

While eloquently written, Hancock's letter doesn't advance any new thought or position that he hasn't already shared with us before. His take-no-prisoners approach to advancing one-sided political dogma is simply getting stale. Perhaps it's time for Hancock to push the refresh button.

James Simpson

North Myrtle Beach

sales tax

Viers has lost this household's vote

After having supported Thad Viers for the past eight years, I now find myself not looking for leadership, but for improvement. This June, my household will be voting for Bert von Herrmann.

Thad's focus has seemed to be on the city of Myrtle Beach and its residents rather than his constituents. Yes, he is fighting over the helmet law, but on the other hand has been very supportive of Myrtle Beach's wishes by co-sponsoring whatever they want.

The proverbial straw was when he immediately got on the train to give the same residents he is battling against on the helmet law a tax break sooner than the law he previously co-sponsored allowed.

This, at the request of the Myrtle Beach City Council. He has campaigned for one of the incumbents, and to date has taken no action to protect the voters he represents from being charged a tax that he has allowed.

We have seen no action on his part to curb an increasing number of criminal domestic violence and gang activity police reports in this district.

Yes, it's time for improvement.

John Wierszewski

Myrtle Beach

Wars' efforts

Villains put down by military's efforts

Recently, two bomb attempts here in the USA have gone up in smoke. On The Sun News editorial pages, cartoons have attributed this to luck. I disagree. I attribute it to the extensive decimation of al-Qaida leadership, soldiers, camps, hiding places, safe houses, etc. in both of our war efforts. Could it be that our campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan - certainly at considerable cost and loss to our valiant and vigilant military, deserving of our supreme recognition and appreciation - are paying off by protecting us as terrorists mount their depravity in our communities? It is not luck but diligent military operations that have quelled their ability to attack us here.

In many of The Sun News' letters to the editor, writers make reference to "Bush's unnecessary war." The failed efforts of these evil aggressors show that the wars unfortunately are urgently required to prevent these assaults, and also must be carried on to halt inevitable onslaughts to come. We cannot rest - we must forge ahead until the assailants are totally wiped out.

Steve Rishel

Surfside Beach

Horry Chairman

Barnard brings experience

There are old adages such as: don't replace something old with something new; or why change for the sake of changing; or if it's not broken, why fix it. The same can be related to the Horry County chairman race. Why would the voters want to vote for someone inexperienced, like Tom Rice, with a talented, wise and savvy experienced legislator such as Howard Barnard? I shudder to think of the disorder and confusion of the County Council meetings with a new, inexperienced, novice in the person of Tom Rice. Barnard possesses a background of leadership: A wing commander in the Air Force, eight years of dedicated service on the County Council serving the citizens of District 5 with distinction and grace, and humanitarian services in helping victims of natural disasters in the U.S. and abroad. Please don't change for the sake of changing. Barnard is head and shoulders a leader over the novice Rice. Vote Barnard for chairman.

Jaime Roberts

Myrtle Beach

St. James High

Recent concert well-received

On May 13, at the invitation of my granddaughter Jonay, we attended the St. James High School Choral Department presentation of Antonio Vivaldi's "Gloria." The music was so very beautiful. The singing of the choral department, solos, orchestra and band - what amazing talents. Everything was so enjoyable, but also the highlight of the evening was seeing the respect and love of the students for Sandra Bass, director of the St. James High School Choral Department.

I was so impressed and delighted to witness this time with the audience. So many times we read of very disturbing situations in our schools and this one was so wonderful!

I had to write to compliment Bass, accompanist Ann Miles and the performance of all involved. It was superior.

Thank you for a lovely evening, St. James High School.

Helen McCordy

Myrtle Beach


Fuss over taxes not warranted

Tea partiers make phone calls to go to a rally, using a subsidized telephone system. They drive down a government-built road protected by government workers. At the rally they're protected by police officers. They drive home and say, "It was a success - we're against the government!"

Tea partiers talk about high taxes. A USA Today analysis of federal data has found that "Americans paid their lowest level of taxes last year since Harry Truman's presidency."

Federal, state, local, property, sales and other taxes "consumed 9.2 percent of all personal income in 2009, the lowest rate since 1950."

If the economy produces jobs at the same pace it did so far this year, the nation will have created more jobs in 2010 alone than in the entire eight years of George W. Bush's presidency.

Of course, tea partiers don't care about what's true or not. Reality isn't on their radar.

Ken Plants

Murrells Inlet

Horry leadership

Barnard should be county chairman

I am writing to enthusiastically express my support for Howard Barnard in his efforts to become our next County Council chairman. I have known Howard Barnard for the better part of two decades and know him to be honest, ethical, a man of his word, and able to deliver on his promises. Howard works hard and cultivates relationships that establish him as a strong leader.

Horry County is indeed fortunate to have someone like Howard Barnard seeking its chairmanship. He is thoughtful yet pragmatic and always puts the people first. His experience, character and dedication to doing the right thing are greatly appreciated and most definitely needed. During his tenure as my county councilman, I believe he has proven to be one our most successful advocates for the county and helped make real, substantial contributions to our area.

I hope that the people of Horry County will study their choices for Horry County Council chairman. If they do, I believe the county's future looks very bright under the leadership of Howard Barnard.

Doug Samples

Surfside Beach