Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Westboro protest

Stand against haters, don't ignore them

I called North Myrtle Beach High School and received the same answer I received from the protest recipients on Sunday. I was told to "ignore the protestors and they will go away." The truth is, Westboro Baptist Church has been doing this for 19 years so they are not going away. They bring their hatred to schools, churches, military funerals, etc. They hate the United States, they hate soldiers, they hate gays and they hate and hate and hate. They bring more pain to families of our servicemen killed in action than you can imagine. Turning our backs and ignoring them is turning our backs on this country and our servicemen who fight and die for our freedom. I will be at North Myrtle Beach High School today as I was at Our Lady Star of the Sea, Ocean Drive Presbyterian Church and Barefoot Church on Main Street on Sunday. I will not turn my back on my country, and I will defend it to the end by showing these hateful people that I care and support the freedoms that we so often take for granted.

Alice Rayner

Calabash, N.C.

School buses

Streamline schedule, save money

During these economic times with the school budget having problems, why can't the school buses, after dropping off children, stay at that school for dismissal instead of being ferried to central locations and then sent back to the schools for dismissal? Just before 2 p.m. empty buses are seen headed for all the schools. This seems to be a waste of gas and wear and tear on buses.

R.R. Fuller