Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Re-elect Nelson Hardwick to House

I am asking everyone in House District 106 to re-elect Nelson Hardwick as our representative. I have known Nelson since moving to Murrells Inlet six years ago. He promised to work hard to improve the quality of life in Surfside Beach, Garden City Beach and Murrells Inlet. In my opinion Nelson has kept his promise and has gone well beyond normal limits of personal expense to keep his promise.

I urge everyone in District 106 to vote on June 8th to keep Nelson working hard for us in Columbia.

Chuck Ottwell

Murrells Inlet

Bike rallies

Harley rally here when you came

If you lived in Myrtle Beach before 1940, congratulations. You are the only residents who remember life before the Harley rallies began. If you moved here since then, you have no right to complain whatsoever since you knew of the rallies' yearly occurrence. Like the houses near the racetrack, or apartments at the airport, you don't move into the neighborhood and complain about the noise. Then you are indeed the fox disrupting the henhouse.

John N. Stillwell

Myrtle Beach