Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Offshore drilling

Oil slick would be so attractive, so inviting

My family and I are excited about drilling for oil off our shores. What a wonderful thing! Look at all the jobs it will create - a couple hundred, maybe? The income to the state will be enormous for permits and leasing. Just think of the thousands of dollars it will generate!

Just think of all the benefits, when an accident occurs, even with all those fail-safes in place. An oil slick 100 to 200 miles long engulfing the Strand beaches. Look at all the dead fish. We won't have to go shopping or fishing for food. Just go pick fish up on the beach! All those pesky tourists from the north will not bother us anymore. They won't be coming here. In addition we can light up the sky at night, by lighting the ocean.

Yes, my family and I, like many of you, can't wait for oil rigs. Come on down BP or Exxon-Mobil and pour your pollution on our beaches. We will love it!

Richard Smith

Myrtle Beach

Georgetown politics

Swatzel's latest actions out-of-line

It's truly sad to have a county GOP chairman send an e-mail to his executive committee asking people to flood the local newspapers with letters of support for a move that he orchestrated.

Georgetown GOP head Tom Swatzel should be ashamed of himself.

Sen. Ray Cleary was on board with helping three Democratic lawmakers as part of the Georgetown delegation until Swatzel and his group, South Carolinians for Responsible Government, produced a propagated fact sheet (denounced by Jim Rex) to sway Cleary from overriding Gov. Mark Sanford's veto on the Georgetown County schools funding bill to sustaining it.

I hope teachers and parents alike involved in public schools paid close attention to the swift-boat job done on the public education system in Georgetown.

Jamie Sanderson