Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Vote for incumbent Hardwick

With today's economic climate, it's easy to listen to new candidates promise that things will get better if you vote for "change," as if it's a new idea.

Setting policy and creating legislation is not an easy task. It takes time and effort as rules and regulations dictate.

"Incumbent" is an honorable label for someone who has served the public well, as has Nelson Hardwick.

Please re-elect Hardwick to the House of Representatives.

Judy Lowe

Surfside Beach


Clark Parker will make a difference

For our next representative in Congress, we need to send someone to Washington who vows to make a difference. With the federal debt exploding to more than $12 trillion and growing every day, we need someone who promises to make our voices in South Carolina heard in the nation's capital. That person is not a professional politician; he's a small-business owner who understands the problems that ordinary citizens face.

Your vote for Clark Parker will support his efforts to work hard for the people of the 1st District of South Carolina. He is devoted and committed to the cause of individual freedom and liberty. Your vote will help Clark Parker make a difference.

Linda Hollandsworth

Myrtle Beach


It's time for governor to leave office

Sanford strikes again:

Mark Sanford vetoed a bill to help the Georgetown School district survive. His reason: "It breaks a rule of prudent finance."

How about the rule of prudent marriage? He broke that one and lied about the five days he was missing in action. Also, he abandoned his kids on Father's Day and turned down stimulus money.

Practice what you preach, governor. I understand you are going into farming when you quit ruining the state; I'll bet anything you milk the wrong end of the cow. Please leave office.

Stan Kaufman

Murrells Inlet

Service industry

Customers are most important aspect

To all employees:

The most important person in your workday is the next potential customer who walks through your doors. He or she pays your salary, puts food on your table, allows you to live a comfortable life and pays your bills. Your attitude and response to their questions is paramount to your success. They have the option of going to another store, hotel, restaurant, etc., and there are many to choose from. They chose you; make them realize you are their best option. If you fail in this endeavor, you lose, and your competitors reap the rewards.

As a footnote: My wife and I recently went to a restaurant, and when we sat down the young waitress said "I am so glad you chose to visit us. You brighten up my section." Will we return? You bet.

Jack Platt

Myrtle Beach


Cleary made a good decision

It's great to see a politician take a stand against out-of-control government spending and huge deficits. Sen. Ray Cleary is to be commended for saying no to deficit spending by the Georgetown County school board.

I greatly appreciated his statement about the board's promise to use school construction bonds for just that purpose, not for paying operational costs.

If the school board is able to build schools for less money and have surplus bond funds, that's great. But use those surpluses to retire the debt and reduce the property taxes on our homes. Especially in these difficult economic times when so many families in the county are struggling to make mortgage payments.

Thank you, Sen. Cleary, for standing up to the liberal Democrat spenders. We need to send you to Washington to fix that mess.

Roland Lambert