Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Farmer's market

MB officials spend, but not for locals

Upon reading the article in The Sun News about the city of Myrtle Beach possibly discontinuing the support of the farmer's market for a measly $23,700 a year, I was shocked. Of course, do as the federal government does, hurt the little man. Don't cut salaries or benefits of the people who are earning more money than they need. Cut back on teachers, courses, etc. Build a boardwalk that costs much more that $23,700 to attract tourists. Well, the farmer's market attracts tourists and helps our farmers earn a living. The City Council should look for ways to cut the budget other than hurting the little man, and I hope that they look over the budget and find $23,700 that they can cut somewhere else. We are supposed to be creating jobs, not taking them away.

Audrey Vosbrinck

Little River