Letters to the Editor

Donate to help save attraction

So much is being said about the Freestyle Music Park not opening. This is so sad for lots of people who enjoyed it last season. The prices were reasonable, and the Fourth of July Extravaganza was the best. It brought lots of out-of-towners to Myrtle Beach. I with four friends thought it was the best entertainment for all ages here in this wonderful town. We went back a number of times and had fun.

It's a shame that the previous owners didn't make it but they know why, and to saddle the new owners with their unpaid bills was pure greed on their part. Sore losers is not even a good name for it.

I think if everyone wanted to keep this nice park here for all the joy it can give this town and families, it would be a wonderful idea to make a small donation to the park to get it open again. If everyone donated the menial sum of $5 or what they can afford, it may give them a chance to pay their outstanding debts. Then they could open this park again this year with the warmth of their friends who loved the park and get on with it. It is only a suggestion, but I think a great one to help them out.

Think about it, friends, and let's help out the park. We need this here. Families come to have fun and this is the place. Let's not lose it.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.