Letters to the Editor

It's time to rescue our nation

November 2010 will soon be here but you are already seeing the beginning of people taking back our country. Resignations from Congress are popping up all over - both Democrats and Republicans are seeing the handwriting on the wall.

Bob Bennett of Utah, three-term incumbent, has been rebuffed. His constituents asked him not to support any stimulus bill. He voted for it anyway thinking he was smarter than they. As the primaries shape up other congressmen who did not listen to the people will hear the same message: "You're fired!"

Will someone please tell me what makes a person elected to Congress become an immediate expert in every aspect of our daily lives starting with health care, and then housing, student loans, energy, insurance, automobiles and pharmaceuticals?

Far too many are lawyers and wouldn't know an aspirin from a suppository. When is the last time anyone of them read the Constitution? Even if they read it how many really understand what it says? It is definitely time to throw all the incumbents out and vote for people who will follow the Constitution as it was written.

Many people I've talked to wish we could have another presidential election in November. They admit now they made a big mistake voting for Barack Obama. They say they didn't really see how he intended to transform our country. The government now owns auto companies, investment banks, and 90 percent of all home mortgages. He now wants the government to own the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. This sure sounds like socialism to me.

Obama and his cronies really do not like this country. They believe that we are arrogant and that we use up too much of the world's resources. They are happy to see 10 percent to 12 percent unemployment because it makes people more beholden to the government for a handout. And if you give people handouts they get used to it and keep voting you into office. Why else do we now have close to 62 percent of the population receiving some form of entitlement? Didn't they recently extend unemployment benefits to 99 weeks? That's almost two years of doing nothing except collecting a check every week.

Start by voting out everyone who signed on to the stimulus bill and government health care takeover. Congress should be concentrating on job creation and incentives to the private sector; not government jobs since they don't create wealth of any kind.

It is time to take our country back. A big thank you to the people of Utah for showing us the way.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.