Letters to the Editor

Reform passed; what now, GOP?

Like many recent writers, I too am confused about the health care reform bill recently passed into law. I understand the parts about covering more people, reducing insurance company exclusions, the employee mandate and even the small tax increase on the well-to-do. It actually helps those on Medicare, extends the life of Medicare and fills the seniors' drug "doughnut hole." I know a lot of it happens later, but I like it. I am still confused, however, and I need to learn more about all the other stuff that's supposed to happen.

Can anyone tell me when I have to face the death panel? Sarah Palin and Chuck Grassley were not too clear on when or where this would happen. Can we have an attorney with us?

Could Michelle Bachmann let me know when I have to report to the internment camp she mentioned? Will we still have Medicare while we're in them? She mentioned that the president himself would be telling us what foods we are allowed to eat. Are cheeseburgers still on the menu? I know he likes them.

Will Joe Wilson now tell us where to find the section of the bill that allows illegal aliens to have coverage? I know he must have seen it before he called the president a liar but I couldn't find it in the bill then or now.

Jim DeMint will surely let us know when the Waterloo event will take place. Or, was that supposed to be after it passed?

Can John McCain (who is no longer a maverick) and Mitch McConnell provide better information on the bill's repeal and tell us what exactly will replace it? Hopefully not Paul Ryan's termination of Medicare and Social Security, the so called "road map" to our future.

What concerns me most is the loss of freedom that will affect all of us. Fox News and Rush Limbaugh haven't been forthcoming on which rights we will lose. I know they don't want to scare us. I know it won't be guns, cigars or prescription drugs because Rush likes them so much. Hopefully not the vote, or property rights. I think they should tell us. We can take it.

John Boehner said we would have Armageddon if the reform bill passes. But he never said when it would start and what to expect after it is over. Hopefully it doesn't interfere with the death panels, etc.

Some good things happened in the health care reform action ... insurance companies still have monopoly power and will still sell insurance ... turns out it's not free.

Hopefully, these notable reform fighters can clear some of these questions up for us so we can quit worrying about them.

Oh, has anyone heard when Rush Limbaugh is moving to Costa Rica? He said he would when the bill passed. I hope he knows they have socialized medicine there and socialized everything else. But, good luck, Rush.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.