Letters to the Editor

Business helps bring aid to elderly

On April 24, Andy's of Shallotte, N.C., and Leland, N.C. (next to Wal-Mart), as part of their corporate philosophy to give back to the community, opened their doors and grills to the Brunswick Housing Opportunities Home Preservation Committee for a fundraising pancake breakfast.

Serving the breakfast gave the committee members the opportunity to explain the "who and what" of the Home Preservation Committee, a group of 10 nonprofits, churches and local government offices organized to repair the substandard homes of the elderly and disabled in our county.

Nearly 50 percent of elderly Brunswick County residents (about 20 percent of the county population) live in substandard homes (leaking roofs, poor plumbing, rotting floors) or need to install safety features so that they can remain in their homes as they age (ramps and rails in bathrooms, etc).

There are more than 250 requests on file; most of these cost less than $1,000 and require under three days to complete.

If you would like to volunteer your time and skill (not just carpentry, but painting, landscape, hammering, office help, even sewing, etc.), have supplies to donate or know of someone who needs help, you can reach the Home Preservation Committee by contacting Brunswick Housing Opportunities by calling 253-0699; visiting their website, www.bho2020.org; or by e-mailing hpc@bho2020.org.

The pancake breakfast at Andy's was a double success because of the funds raised and the ability to get the message out to the public.

At a time when there is so much talk of corporate greed, it is not just refreshing to know that there are businesses that will go out of their way to help their communities, it is a blessing, and Andy's is a prime example.

The writer is chairwoman of the Home Preservation Committee of Brunswick Housing Opportunities.