Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Westboro Baptist

Don't give church any attention

I am the proud mother of a member of the Navy. It is unfortunate that Westboro Baptist Church has chosen to engage in activities on May 16 at three local churches and May 21 at four local high schools. The freedom this group is exercising is exactly what our service men and women fight for. I would urge everyone to have no contact with them and ignore anything they say. Please continue to remember the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day so we may live in the land of the free because of the brave.

Aluta Wright

North Myrtle Beach

Separate waste

Lots of material is recyclable

I once was one of those people who could not be bothered to recycle.

When we in North Myrtle Beach received our new curbside trash cans, I decided this was the time.

I would never believe how little garbage we have now and how much recyclable material is in our two bins. Sure makes me feel really bad for not doing this all those years.

Please recycle. You will be better for it.

Martha Murph

North Myrtle Beach

Take back power

Federal government usurps states' rights

In 1776 the term "State" was synonymous with the term "Nation." So it was that 13 independent nations "united" together to form a union. These states wrote documents that gave certain powers to the governing body of the union but kept most of the rights for their states. Some of the powers given to the governing body were to stand up an Army and Navy, defend the union and maintain the borders. Over the years the governing body has consolidated its power and has slowly eroded the powers of the individual states. This must stop. Individual states must take back their power and rights. Citizens must do for themselves and not let the federal governing body dictate their lives and the living of those lives. The federal governing footprint must be much smaller.

Bruce D. Rutherford