Letters to the Editor

Health legislation is a winner

Now that Americans have nearly universal health care as specified in the Constitution ("general Welfare") and Declaration of Independence ("... life, liberty ..."), let's see who the winners are.

Nearly everyone in Washington did extremely well. Virtually every representative received substantial sums in the form of health care industry donations for ultimately unsuccessful attempts to buy opinions and votes away from humanitarian reform.

Both advertising and media prospered. They received hundreds of millions in advertising revenue from the health care industry's attempt to either 1) make even more billions from suffering Americans after killing reform, or 2) defend Americans from this attempt to protect them from death, suffering and bankruptcy at the hands of the health care industry itself. Backward as this sounds, that is exactly what was presented to Americans. Unbelievably, nearly half America bought the lie that it was about anything besides money.

Fox "News" gained financially and politically by creating and manipulating a force almost half-America strong acting against their own interests, financial and social. Fox's lies tricked gullible millions into fighting against the health, security and lives of their neighbors, family members and even themselves.

Lobbyists received untold millions from the health care industry. Throughout the health care ordeal Washington "hosted" three extremely well-paid lobbyists for every representative, plying congressmen and senators with gifts and more money.

The health care industry profited from both record rate increases and the highest profits in the history of the industry, announced just days before the final health care vote. Health care industry executives received millions in salary and bonuses based on these record profits.

America's deficit will benefit, since dying and/or dead Americans don't pay income taxes during years lost to sickness or death, nor do they or their bankrupt families pay estate or property taxes. America's sick were a huge drain that will now be reversed into a gain of billions annually. America's deficit will shrink as long as America's tax base remains healthy and productive. Reform provides that.

The Christian Right wins, since a bill preventing up to 45,000 deaths every year is obviously "pro-life."

Even Republican politicians profit, since they are now claiming credit for the ideas in the bill they voted against.

Most important, Americans without health care, Americans personally paying record rates, and Americans in danger of losing coverage are winners.

For those of you who fought health care reform: So many profited so incredibly much, possibly measurable in the billions of dollars, based largely on your grunt work of lies and a fatal neglect for America and Americans that you willingly helped spread. I'm compelled to ask a question of those of you who worked so hard to kill this life-saving reform, since you seem to be the only ones not to profit significantly. Instead, you spent your own money in the form of donations, travel, time, etc. as you watched immeasurable dollars cross virtually all palms except yours.

Don't you feel used?

The writer lives in Galivants Ferry.