Letters to the Editor

Candidate for constitutional rights

We can make a rational decision from the voting records of U.S. congressional incumbents on whether or not their votes reflect our principles. In general, it is not as easy to determine how other candidates will actually perform if elected. We have no choice but to depend on what we can find out about the performance of the other candidates in private life and what they say. The latter is problematical, because it is axiomatic that politicians will say what they perceive voters want to hear.

Lawrence "Larry K" Kobrovsky, an S.C. 1st District candidate for election to the U.S. House of Representatives, has a public record that shows to me that he is the one most likely to diligently pursue conservative tea party principles. Upon winning a string of landmark victories as a Charleston attorney who focuses his practice on constitutional law, he donated all his fees to an annual constitutional essay contest for adults, high school and middle school students as well as teachers.

Kobrovsky prevailed in a case that removed racial and ethnic quotas from Charleston County Public Schools.

He filed a case that resulted in Charleston County School districts being redrawn according to the number of people living in them rather than their race. He then successfully prevented the U.S. Justice Department from intervening and imposing racial gerrymandering.

He successfully defended the rights of black students to go to school and not be beaten up for acting white by the other students for working hard and doing well in school. The S.C. Lawyers Weekly noted this may be the first Title VI lawsuit based on claims of interracial discrimination in S.C. public schools.

He successfully defended the constitutional rights of white teachers who were racially cursed and harassed, when the school administrator told the teachers that they had to accept it as part of the culture of the students. As reported in the S.C. Lawyers Weekly, "Kobrovsky said he believes the verdict to be the first of its type nationwide. ... It sends a message that this kind of behavior no longer will be tolerated." It's a victory not only for teachers, but also students. Just because a child is poor does not mean that he or she should have to go to a public school where this type of behavior is tolerated. This case later resulted in out-of-court settlements in two other cases.

He successfully defended the constitutionality of the S.C. Public Charter School Act as it applies to the public schools in Charleston County.

Kobrovsky has been a Charleston County Public School board member and a charter member of the S.C. Charter School board. He is the lead attorney and managing owner of the Law Offices of Lawrence C. Kobrovsky.

In his introduction to me as a Myrtle Beach Tea Party volunteer, he said: "Your mission is my mission." This was abundantly borne out in a following lengthy telephone conversation. He is exceptionally knowledgeable as would be expected of a constitutional lawyer. I have heard him speak publicly as a candidate in five venues and am convinced he and his public record show he is the 1st Congressional District constitutionalist candidate who has the prime motivation, knowledge and ability to best forward congressional actions that most closely conform to the principles of tea partiers and conservative voters. Larry K all the way!

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.