Letters to the Editor

Cleary makes right call on spending

Re Sen. Ray Cleary's decision to sustain the veto against the school board:

Far too often, especially lately, we voice our opinion to our elected representatives on the state level and federal level as to how we would like them to vote on issues concerning us taxpayers, and they just ignore our requests.

I am happy to hear that Sen. Ray Cleary has stepped up to the plate and is choosing to do the right thing. I would like to thank Cleary for deciding to make the right decision to vote to sustain a veto, signed by Gov. Mark Sanford, regarding the House bill that would have allowed the Georgetown County School District to borrow money from capital projects to use for daily operational expenses. We need more representatives like Cleary to stand up for what is right. He knows that we cannot continue down this road of reckless spending and that we must maintain a balanced budget.

Our current state representative, Vida Miller, evidently doesn't understand that the taxpayers are fed up with the excessive spending this state, county and country are doing. She wants to continue to spend with no regard to maintaining a balanced budget. We must all learn to live within our means, and that includes the school board.

As was mentioned in a previous letter to the editor by another concerned citizen, we are already spending a lot of money on education in this state. Only 45 cents of every dollar is spent in the classroom and the rest goes to the administration. We need to change this and have more of each dollar being spent in the classroom and cut the administration's expenses.

I am tired of hearing people say that the Republican Party doesn't support public education. It is not that we don't support public education. It is just that we want the best education our money can buy, and we think that parents should be allowed to choose the best option for their children and not be forced to use the public education system.

I hope that Cleary continues to support conservative goals and vote against reckless spending in Georgetown County and South Carolina.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.