Letters to the Editor

Extend welcome, but add cleanup

Let the motorcycle rallies come to Myrtle Beach with welcome.

During these troubled times, the way the economy is, this is no time to drive the bikers away. We need revenue now more than ever.

We need more vendors more than ever. Visitors come here for the vendors, and the bikers come because they enjoy the rallies each year.

Horry County Council and Myrtle Beach want to raise the permits for vendors at different locations. The cost for vendors should be the same price for all. The more vendors, the more revenue. No more than $100 a day.

It costs the bikers hundreds of dollars to travel here from other states, and some travel thousands of miles to come to Myrtle Beach. As local motorcyclists and businesses pointed out, they bring a lot of tourism money into Myrtle Beach and local areas.

I think the bikers should be as welcome as any other citizen who comes to Myrtle Beach. They do a lot of fundraisers for different charities while they are here.

Other states are not so lucky to have motorcycle rallies as we are. We have more local residents who have bikes than ever. We will always have bikers. They come to Myrtle Beach, enjoy the rallies and show off their American pride. They spend money eating out at restaurants and staying in motels, revenue that we all need.

We need to add one more ordinance. Each rally should clean up before leaving. It should be left the way they found it. Most bikers are good citizens. We should not drive them off. We should welcome them with open arms. Many of them have served our great country in the military and are heroes and have been awarded for it. They work hard for what they do. It is their way of life, as we all have. The bikers need more than one day to set up and one day to take down and clean up; make a seven-day permit. So Myrtle Beach and all areas, let's pull together and support the bikers. One way to do this is to fly the American flag with pride, and for all of our service men and women now serving. We want to let the bikers and the military know we care on this Memorial Day 2010.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.