Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Keep God's purpose for us in mind

Why should we be ready for the future?

Two messages are so important at this time.

Every decision we make is very important.

The here and now is important, but it's not the end game.

When we make our decisions, we must ask ourselves if we are doing our best.

Are we using our talents, gifts and abilities the way God wants us to use them?

When we do these two things with God's help, miracles happen. We can be grateful and know we are going in the right way.

Kay Bonner

Myrtle Beach


Vacation rental taxes absorb profit

Am I the only renter of vacation property who believes the taxes levied on us are unfair? We are taxed on a three-story house even though the lower level is a carport and small storage room. Then we are also taxed on all household furnishings, which makes these furnishings taxed twice - once when purchased and then on their use. We certainly could not rent a vacation home unfurnished, nor do I believe we will be reimbursed for new furniture when needed.

Trying to make a good profit is very challenging because of all the taxes plus all the repairs that have to be done. It is sad that taxes of this sort are levied on us with no input from the owner of said rental properties.

Is this not taxation without representation? We need a break in order to make a decent profit.

Gloria Giddings

Ocean Lakes Family Campground