Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Overpass plan

Long-term view needed on back gate

Re "Myrtle Beach wary as back gate overpass gets under way," April 17 article:

Tom Leath, in reference to your statements in the article, yes, it may cost more than originally projected; however, how foolish can you be in wanting to stop the back gate roadwork project? What you are proposing is short-sighted and temporary. This area rarely builds infrastructure adequate for the future. Just like most other projects, you are suggesting that we build and modify the back gate intersection to accommodate current traffic levels. We need to spend the money now and fix the problem for the future. You simply want a frontage road to connect your Coastal Grand mall investment with your Market Common investment and leave the traffic jams for the rest of us trying to get through there on a daily basis. Don't assume that the question needs to go back to the voters, either. We have voted and we will still be very happy when the construction is complete and we can travel through the back gate area without any issues for years to come.

Alan Maddock

Myrtle Beach


Exxon pays billions in assorted taxes

Re Paul DiPasquale letter, "Tax dollars wrongly aid polluters," April 23:

DiPasquale's assertion that "Exxon Mobil paid zero taxes to Uncle Sam in 2009" is preposterous. XOM paid sales taxes to state and local governments totaling $25,936,000,000. XOM also paid other taxes and duties including property taxes totaling $34,819,000,000. After all is said and done, XOM also paid federal income taxes totaling $15,119,000,000. Until XOM sold its terminal in New York City, it was the single highest property-tax payer in the city. These figures are a matter of public information in XOM's annual filling with the SEC and the New York City tax ledgers. Exxon Mobil paid more than three times as much in taxes as it netted for its investors in income for 2009. Finally, if DiPasquale has his retirement funds invested in a mutual fund, annuity or life insurance policy he should know he is invested in Exxon Mobil.

Frank Esposito

Myrtle Beach

The difference

Bush spent; Obama is investing for us

Listening to the tea partiers and their spokesmonkeys, it looks like they need lessons in the difference between spending and investing. Spending is what the Bush regime did when they took our money and used it to wage a war against those who were no threat to us, funneled it to incompetent contractors and private stormtroopers and spent it to help their corporate owners move jobs and production to cheap labor markets. They spent our money to steal our overtime and weaken the very working class that built this country.

Investing is what President Obama is doing by using our money to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and improve our power grid. Now our money is being used here, putting people back to work and catching us up to the rest of the world. Investing in education to repair the damage done by No Child Left Behind is vital. Investing is being sure everyone here has access to decent medical care; this will create a healthier and more productive population. Investing is bringing new industries here, encouraging research in science and medicine and doing whatever it takes to keep this country from being known as a great 20th century power.

Toni Boutwell

Myrtle Beach

Write-in candidacy

Gilland would be 'great adversary'

Re Patricia G. Milley letter, "Get rid of Weaver, keep Gilland on job," April 23:

Bravo to Milley for stepping up to the plate and offering a letter of support with a suggestion of a write-in candidacy for County Council Chairwoman Liz Gilland.

I have great admiration for her tact, honesty and judgment with everything that goes on with what makes Horry County a great place to live, work and vacation.

Also, Gilland would make a great adversary of mine in the November general election.

There would be a fair fight between the both of us. No low blows or sucker punches and not any of the kicking, biting, nail scratching, hissing, hair pulling and name calling I foresee if I had to run opposed to the other two candidates.

As for County Administrator John Weaver, maybe because he ain't give me no campaign contribution. I must be doing something right.

Vincent Lehotsky


Central Europe

Trip illuminates good points of U.S.

Having just returned from Central Europe where countries are still struggling to recover from 45 years of communist barbarity, I've discovered a new respect for the accomplishments of our own beleaguered government. Despite a bevy of radio and TV personalities who preach class and party hatred; despite having geographically important parts of our country mentally mired in a war that ended 145 years ago; despite having powerful voting blocs that find intelligence, reasonableness and good breeding offensive; despite cries of "socialism" from those more gifted at dogma than at political analysis; despite the world's highest incidence of rapes, a startling number of murders and staggering rate of spousal abuse; and despite being the world's greatest market for illegal drugs; our government manages to keep America glued together and moving, mostly in a forward direction.

For those who believe that toeing the party line and unthinking acceptance of authoritarianism and idolizing those who preach hatred is a good thing, a trip to Romania, Serbia, Croatia or Bulgaria might prove illuminating.

Terry Munson

Pawleys Island

Feral needs

Woman's care for cats unfairly targeted

Re Mary Ann Bennett letter, "God bless man who cares for feral cats," April 18:

Bennett commends the man that feeds the stray cats along the beach and I agree with her. I saw the story on the local news as well.

However, I am puzzled because a dear friend of mine has been feeding the stray cats in our community for quite some time and an animal control officer left a notice in her mailbox saying she had to stop or she could be fined. A person who lives in the community that backs up to ours complained about the cats walking on his car.

This kind person is a lady that takes the time to feed the cats and gather some of them up and take them to a vet to be spayed or neutered. She has also been buying birth control medicine to help ease the cat population. All of this is at her expense. The man along the beach gets on TV and on the news, and then she gets a notice saying she could be fined if she does not stop. She has been upset ever since. What's fair for one is fair for all. I feel that she is owed an apology. The "neighbor" needs to get a life.

Mary Rosetto

Myrtle Beach

Talking to kids

Police, fire crews' outreach excellent

Family Life Medicine, an affiliate of Loris Healthcare System, held a children's wellness fair for the community. The representatives from Horry County Fire/Rescue, Horry County Police Department, and North Myrtle Beach Fire Department need to be recognized for the outstanding job they did working with the children who attended this event.

These gentlemen did an incredible job teaching the children about personal safety, but more important, they interacted with the children in a way that strengthened their perception that police officers and firefighters are authority figures children can trust. The tug-of-war contest between the firefighters and police officers, accompanied by children on both sides, was a highlight of the day.

Having the police and firefighters on hand with all of their equipment (fire safe house, firetruck, ambulance, police car, police golf cart and motorcycle) open and accessible was extremely educational for the children. I did not anticipate such a strong presence but genuinely appreciate everyone's participation.

Celeste Bondurant-Bell

Director of Marketing & Business Development, Loris Healthcare System