Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

South carolina

Make recycling easy, valuable

Earth Day was the perfect time to reflect on what each of us is doing to protect our planet, but we are troubled as to how many Americans really care. We are encouraged to recycle cardboard, newspapers, glass and plastic bottles, but most of us don't. It's true. In our condo complex, we see the garbage bins filled to the brim with the very items that are supposed to be recycled. To add to the problem, there are very few recycling stations here in the Myrtle Beach area and most of those locations are unknown to the most of the public.

Why don't we do as they do in Canada, where they charge a small fee, usually 5 or 10 cents, each time you purchase wine, liquor, or soda or beer in bottles or cans, but are reimbursed that money when the empty cans and bottles are returned? It encourages people to recycle and could also be a great way to raise funds for groups like the Boy Scouts who volunteer to pick up those cans and bottles on our streets.

Alan & Kathleen Brooks

North Myrtle Beach

Letter writer

Saluting 'friendly opponent'

Re Earl Blount letter, "Marine still serving his country," April 20:

The very moving tribute Blount gave to Bill Johnston taught me a valuable lesson: Never underestimate the depth of character and background behind a person. Johnston and I have been "friendly opponents" in the Letters to the Editor section of The Sun News for years. We agree to disagree. I have been in his company a few times and despite our opposing view on political matters, he always greets me warmly with a smile. Even when ill, Bill can rise up to answer any bit of information he considers incorrect or skewed. Though I have not changed my more liberal views on matters, today I salute this fine gentleman who served our country so bravely. I wish you a safe journey, Bill, as you move down the unknown road before you.

Lastly, I want to send my sympathies to anyone who attempts to step in front of Bill's "firing squad." You have no idea what the consequences will be. Duck! Run. Get out of his way.

Millie Herrman

Pawleys Island