Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

N.C. senate primary

Rabon lacks courage to debate opponent

Bill Rabon is running to become our N.C. District 8 senator. Yet he does not have the courage to debate his Republican opponent, Bettie Fennell. Fennell has offered to debate Rabon anytime. Rabon has repeatedly refused to debate and has said that he and Fennell both had already attended numerous candidate forums. Attending candidate forums may be true but at no time during these forums were these candidates ever asked questions from a moderator or from the public. Three weeks prior to the primary election the Brunswick County GOP Executive Board had volunteers lined up to conduct a debate between the two candidates but voted not to host one. How can the Republican Party allow this to happen? Rabon is clearly hiding behind his big campaign media and direct mail budget ads. He did not attend the candidate's forum in Columbus County and never returned his candidate profile to the Brunswick Beacon. If Rabon does not have the courage to face the public and debate in the Republican Primary, how will he find the courage to take on the liberal N.C. General Assembly?

Russell Allen

Bolivia, N.C.

Free speech or communism?

Political right now wants to be heard

Re Cal Thomas column, "1960s shoe is on the other foot," April 22:

Cal, Cal, Cal. How quickly you forget. For eight years under George W. Bush, anyone who criticized him was branded as unpatriotic. We were admonished time and time again that it was our duty to support the president. As in the '60s, we were expressing our right to free speech. Back then, we were called communists.

In both eras, you and your fellow travelers (I've been waiting for ages to use that phrase on the right) were not fans of free speech. Indeed, you even sent the National Guard to kill some of us. Now that the shoe is on the other foot and things are not to your liking, you suddenly become believers in free speech.

One other difference is that in the '60s there were some of us who spoke out against the actions of the extremists such as the Weathermen. I have not heard any voices on the right speaking out against those on the right who promote violence. At best, none of you oppose them and many, such as Sarah Palin, encourage them.

Lamont Heppe

Calabash, N.C.

Nibil's restaurant

Surfside needs to keep iconic eatery

An alarming e-mail making its rounds is titled "An Obituary to Common Sense." After reading in The Sun News that Surfside Beach is considering dropping the lease for Nibil's, I guess common sense is even dying in Surfside Beach. As a resident of the South Strand for 23 years, I have enjoyed Nibil's excellent food, reasonable prices and very friendly service throughout their 22 years on the pier. It is one of the best restaurants in the area and a Surfside Beach highlight. Commercials on TV urge us to protect our investments by buying gold. Surely Surfside Beach won't sell out its existing gold investment.

Charles Radford

Garden City Beach

Health care bill

Understand how bill affects citizens

I have heard a lot of comments about people not knowing what is in the health care bill.

Also, there have been a lot of incorrect comments. To find out how it affects you, there is an excellent article on the bill in the May issue of Money.

If you read this you will have a good understanding of what is contained in the health care reform bill and a timeline on when the different parts become available.

Reg Horn

Pawleys Island