Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


McVeigh motivation far from tea parties'

Re Kathleen Parker column, "Don't let extremists rise," April 21:

Kathleen, how stupid do you think we the people are? The Oklahoma City bombing had nothing to do with the anti-government sentiment of the tea party as you shamelessly suggest. It was perpetrated by a fanatic in revenge for the Waco disaster, where then-President Clinton authorized the FBI's entry into a religious compound that resulted in the needless deaths of many women and children.

To use this example to turn people against the tea party movement is nothing more than yellow journalism. You can't twist the facts on an enlightened and educated voting block. Everyone lock and load your pencils for the November ballot. The more these morons try to disparage the people's rights to speak out against an overreaching and overspending government, the stronger the movement becomes.

Edward Fox



Laundry list of taxes builds up ire

Money continues to be printed to pay for or offset enormous debts caused by fraud (Five Rivers), overindulgence (incompetent bank loans) and sundry stupid losses. Compiled in just a few moments are just some of the taxes we pay on a daily, monthly and yearly basis that make American taxpayers angry.

Tax payments on gasoline: liquid, roads (local, state, federal); automobiles, boats, planes; food: groceries, dining out; pleasure: entertainment, recreation, TV, sports; alcohol; wages: state, federal; property: local, state on home/land; clothing: local and state; gambling: local, state lottery; state: income, ad valorem; FDIC: Social Security; furniture/appliances; investments: stocks, mutuals, commodities; loans: home, commercial, personal; medical: all services rendered, supplies; transportation: air/ground/sea; death: funeral, probate, inheritance.

Is there any question why the tea parties are gaining momentum?

Anthony Sasseen

Little River


Trailer fee counts another supporter

Re Tony Dumbleton letter, "Trailer fee is easy answer to revenue," April 14:

I agree with Dumbleton. A $5 fee for each trailer owned, along with the requirements that all lights are in working order, sounds like a great way to create additional revenue for South Carolina.

Bill and Marilyn Cairns

Myrtle Beach

After vandalism

Thank you to those who offered help

On April 7, vandalism was done to our fence. To the neighbors and friends who expressed concern, thank you for caring.

We want to express our appreciation to Beach Family Worship Center and Pastors Boyd and Button for their generous offer to paint our fence. The Lord sent you to us and we are deeply grateful for your kindness.

Lewis and Rose Hall

Myrtle Beach