Letters to the Editor

Bailey wrongly diverts fears

Re Issac Bailey column, "Freedom conquers our fears," April 14:

Issac Bailey teaches a course in journalism at Coastal Carolina.

A student of his had the courage, backbone and gumption to question the Obama administration's policies, and believed and feared the policies would curtail our freedoms. As well she should. She was afraid. One of her fears included the student loan program, which the federal government took over.

Instead of letting the class debate it and discuss it, he chose to write his column about it.

He chose to denigrate the tea party movement. Which, by the way, on April 15, hundreds of thousands of people all over the country demonstrated against the Obama administration's policies, and you heard or saw nothing on CBS News with Katie Couric about the tea party movement. They refused to cover it. Journalism is dead.

He chose to [bring up] World War II and the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

My dad was a decorated World War II veteran, and his generation saved the world.

He chose to [recall] Sept. 11, 2001. If we hadn't chosen to weaken our defenses, Sept. 11 never would have happened.

I feel for that student who went to Issac Bailey and said, "I'm afraid."

I am an alumnus of Coastal Carolina, and I am afraid and ashamed.

It seems that Coastal Carolina has a "nest" of these left-wing radical instructors teaching our kids.

Yes, I'm afraid.