Letters to the Editor

Assist folks who want better life

Re Gerry Ferguson letter, "Friend's death illustrates need," March 31:

On the corner of Mineola and U.S. 17 lived a man named Phillip who nobody seemed to see.

Most of us live in a fairytale life. Even if we have it hard sometimes and worry about our bills, we still have a roof over our heads, food on the table, lights and cable, all of the things we think we need.

Phillip touched my heart as he did many other people. Phillip did not want to take anything for free. He did odd jobs to pay for his meals. He was very hopeful as he put in applications, but the jobs fell through. Phillip was a proud man. He was so embarrassed of being homeless, he would never let his children know where he had ended up in life. He didn't want them to be disappointed in him. Gerry, you were so right when you said Phillip just gave up on life. He told me so himself. He had no warm place to stay, no stability in his life, and no matter how hard he tried he could not find the means or help to get back on his feet.

Not all of the people who live on the streets have the sort of determination and want for a better future like Phillip had. We need to do something to help those who want to get ahead, and I agree, we can't let Phillip's life just be forgotten.

I was afraid just like everyone else, but for some reason I allowed Phillip to come to my home, share a meal, do a few odd jobs for very little money, watch the Super Bowl and enjoy my family as we enjoyed his company also.

As I understand from Phillip, there are so many homeless people living in our area, and he told me that at least half of them are homeless by choice. We need to concentrate on the other 50 percent. Many of us tried to help Phillip, but I guess we didn't have the means, and with the way things are today it is tough.

Let's pull together as a community and find a way to help those who want to be helped. I will volunteer my time and whatever extra I have for this cause.

The writer lives in Little River.