Letters to the Editor

Obama makes everything worse

The days of doctors being permitted or allowed to simply do their job - that is, practice medicine - will soon be over. Every one of their medical decisions will have to be approved by political appointees and bureaucrats. Far too many people have made government figures godlike, assuming that only they have the answers, when they have zero qualifications or expertise or competence to manage anything. Not a single business would hire Barack Obama in my opinion, yet he claims to have all the answers to rework the health care system while he's running up $1.5 trillion a year in deficits. He's spending money we don't have; he's spending money our great-grandchildren won't have.

He is no more qualified to run the U.S. health care system than he is to fill out a single medical chart. Just because he's president doesn't qualify him to fix anything. As we've seen, everything that he's touched has gotten worse.

He focused on jobs; unemployment is skyrocketing. He focused on housing; housing is in freefall. He focused on the budget; we're trillions more in debt. Everything he has determined to fix is worse than before he was elected. It's idiotic to put this man in charge of any more of this country's vital organs.

To Obama, the banks are evil, the insurance companies are evil, the auto companies are evil, every entity but the government is evil.

He has no intention of fixing anything. His agenda is to nationalize and centralize. He's accountable for nothing, taking responsibility for nothing. He is an out-of-control, power-hungry person who attacks anything private and promotes everything public. I believe Obama ran for the presidency for the express purpose of overthrowing the American way of life (through the Democratic process).

Mr. Obama, a response will be delivered loud and clear this November. What kind of country do we want to be? A free one, and free we shall be. To that we pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor, to quote our Founding Fathers.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.