Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Thank you

National Health Care time positive

I have only the highest praise for the care I received at National Health Care, Murrells Inlet. All the staff who were involved in my therapy and recovery made my stay pleasant. Their dedication, praise, and enthusiasm were a positive influence. At the time of my discharge, I left smiling and giving thanks for the wonderful care I had received.

Ellen Larson

Myrtle Beach

World War II

Support benefit for merchant marines

World War II Merchant Marines need your help and support. We are fighting for Senate Bill 663, which is being debated by the Veteran Affairs Committee, to acquire "Just Compensation" payments.

We have been working for seven years and we still lack nine senators for a majority vote. Unfortunately our S.C. Sens. Lindsay Graham and Jim DeMint have not committed their support despite repeated requests.

During wars, Merchant Marines work to distribute ammunition, food, medical supplies, airplanes and tanks to the men fighting these conflicts. During World War II, we had the highest deaths of any armed force. We lost one person in every 26. In my mind we also deserve some thanks and recognition.

For more information on how you can help these World War II Merchant Marine Veterans, call John T. Schmidt at 651-8046.

John Schmidt

Murrells Inlet