Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

$173 billion cut

Palin, tea party lack facts on taxes

It is real interesting that the article about Sarah Palin railing about the taxes we have to pay at a tea party gathering is right below another article about the American tax bill being lower. That article states this year's taxes have been cut by $173 billion. Apparently Sarah and the tea party can't get the true facts about taxes. This is not a surprise as they don't have a lot of actual facts to support their railings.

Reg Horn

Pawleys Island

Horry County

Get rid of Weaver, keep Gilland on job

The Horry County Council needs to fire John Weaver immediately before any more damage is done. The public needs to write in Liz Gilland as County Chairwoman on June 8. Liz has done an admirable job as chairwoman and Horry County still needs her honesty and fair judgments handling the developers for smart growth. At least with Liz, we have someone who is honest.

Patricia G. Milley


Tax time

Self-employed get more deductions

With all the fighting going on among the various interested parties regarding government programs, the loss of revenue on all levels of government, and the financial issues facing Social Security and Medicare, one fact has been lost. There has been a major shift in the U.S. from citizens working for someone and receiving a W-2 and those who are self-employed. The latest statistics available from the U.S. census state that 1 million nonemployer business were added from 2006-07, bringing the total to 21.7 million. The host of deductions open to a self-employed business person makes it very attractive to be self-employed. Items like car expenses, telephones etc. are not available to someone who gets a weekly paycheck. That's why someone who may have $250,000 in gross receipts can net a very small amount of taxable income to their 1040 return. As an accountant I am not suggesting that this is wrong or illegal as this is the tax code we live with.

Frank Grella

Myrtle Beach

Energy companies

Tax dollars wrongly aid polluters

Why are billions of our tax dollars supporting the richest, most polluting companies in the world? It's time for Congress to end these giveaways.

Exxon Mobil paid zero tax dollars to Uncle Sam in 2009. Sellers of dirty biofuels received more than $5 billion in tax giveaways in 2009.

Oil and gas and biofuels both result in the release of various types of pollution, including the release of heat-trapping gases that destabilize the climate.

Better alternatives exist. Congress should focus on fuel efficiency and smarter growth that makes driving less necessary in order to reduce fuel consumption, and on technologies like plug-in vehicles that pull power from solar-powered fueling stations. These are real solutions to our nation's energy needs.

It is fiscally and environmentally irresponsible to give away billions in tax dollars to some of the most polluting companies on Earth.

Paul DiPasquale


Beach First

Newspaper seems to relish downfall

I would like to congratulate The Sun News for being able to dance on the grave of Beach First bank.

With each forthcoming bit of bad news, you just could not wait to splash it all over Page 1.

My wife was a flight attendant for many years and I would often tell her when she left on a trip, "I hope you get a good pilot," and she would reply, "Don't worry, none of them want to crash." It was almost as if The Sun News had some notion that the pilots of this bank wanted it to crash and could control this economy that we find ourselves in.

So thanks for relishing in the anxiety and misery of the investors, employees, customers and the local community they served. And then for icing on the cake, you write a piece about how great the stock of Bank of North Carolina is doing, aided by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and the loss of all our hard-earned money put into Beach First. Nice job.

J K Braswell

Murrells Inlet

Tax, license

Mo-ped users get around regulations

Spring is here and so are the mo-peds. They are really out this year.

I cannot believe mo-peds are still allowed on our highways. I have written to our local officials. I have not heard from anyone.

So I guess it is OK for them to ride on our roads without a license, insurance, proper tags or helmets. I am sure most of these people may have DUIs, or whatever else may be their problem [that they don't drive a car], but I don't want to make them my problem when they create an accident, of which there have been several.

Make them pay their way to travel on our roads like the other motorists are obliged to do. Also, let's not forget those trailers being pulled without proper tags, lights, etc, no one seems to care about that either.

Bonnie Shipley

Little River