Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Moral lesson

Mickelson's family crowns victory

What a juxtaposition at the end of the Masters golf tournament.

There was Phil Mickelson, husband and father, enveloping his wife, Amy, in a bear hug after his victory and shedding tears of joy that she was able to leave her sickbed to share the happy moment with him, as their three daughters waited nearby for their traditional post-victory hugs from Dad.

Then there was Tiger Woods, husband and father, stern-faced and a little surly on camera a moment later, talking in a TV interview about how he "didn't get it done" to win a fifth Masters green jacket. Tiger's wife, daughter and son apparently were hundreds of miles away, an obvious result of his marital infidelities, and his golf at Augusta National was scratchy at best.

There was a morality lesson in this juxtaposition: A good guy who puts his family first won the tournament by three strokes, while Tiger wandered off alone into his self-created abyss. Let's hear it for Lefty and his happy ending.

Kelly Gilbert

Myrtle Beach

Thank you

Relay for Life inspires participant

Re Coastal Carolina University Relay for Life:

Along with my husband, Ron, and neighbors Don and Marty Smart, I participated in the CCU Relay for Life on Friday. It was one of the most rewarding, inspirational events we had ever attended. This letter is to commend all the students for their efforts and total involvement to make this event such a success. We were so impressed with all the students' respectful, polite behavior and encouragement given to all the survivors and participants. The CCU Relay executive team deserves a lot of credit for all the members did including the survivors' dinner donated by Ripleys Aquarium. We will be there next year.

Vickie Kemp



Disparaging pair insults military

I am an 89-year-old former pilot officer and thought your editorial ("Inside the Officers Club," April 17) regarding Howard Barnard and John Weaver was not only insulting to them but also an insult to all officers and enlisted men who have put their lives on the line defending people like you who sit at a desk safe and secure without having served the military. I have known Barnard since I moved down here 15 years ago. I have found him to be a very intelligent, patriotic family man who cares for his fellow citizens and community. From what I have read Weaver has the qualifications for the administrator's job. I would guess Weaver made his contribution before a vote was taken for his position, with his own money. What is wrong with helping a friend? Also you seem to insinuate there is something sinister in their sons attending the Citadel. From everything I have ever heard about the Citadel, it prepares young men and women to be good citizens. Horry County will be well-served if Barnard is elected. I am sure Weaver will make a fine administrator.

Pete Kote

Murrells Inlet