Letters to the Editor

Enlist retirees for tidy boardwalk

After reading the article on maintenance and security of the new boardwalk, and working at a local campground for several years, I'm sure there is the realization that picking up the trash on the both the beach side and the boardwalk itself will be the No. 1 daily concern. As stated by Councilwoman Susan Grissom Means, "You don't want people regretting going there because it's nasty."

If this does become a problem, the powers that be might consider calling on our retired population to assist them. Where I work, I had on a few occasions have had people come up to me while I was picking up trash on the beach and ask if there were any such chores they could volunteer for.

Hopefully the shop owners will be giving a hand, especially when future eating facilities will be right at the boardwalk's edge. The wind will be blowing all day long and it doesn't take long for the discarded or unattended paper napkins or plates to take flight. You'll also have it coming from the people on the beach, some of whom couldn't see a trash receptacle if it was 6 inches in front of them.

I walked the length of the boardwalk this past Tuesday and was surprised to see very few trash cans actually on or near the walks. I'm hoping they are waiting for the busy summer months to add some more.

I do think this addition to the downtown area was money well-spent and all should benefit from it, and I hope everyone will pitch in to be sure that happens - even if it means bending over and picking up a piece of trash they see as they walk along it.

Again, kudos to those who made this a reality.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.