Letters to the Editor

Seek help from volunteers

When we had bike weeks, volunteers in readily identifiable garb were present in great numbers to assist visitors. Why couldn't we ask for volunteers to patrol our new boardwalk? I am certain there are dozens, if not hundreds, of people in our communities who would be willing and able to do this. With a minimum amount of training and a T-shirt we have a whole force of people who would enjoy doing this. Their presence alone would discourage littering and misbehavior.

Our entire country needs to encourage and embrace volunteers from all age groups and all economic groups to step forward and help out. There is greater need of a country that is united in one cause than there has been since World War II. And we have all read how everyone worked together for the common good at that time.

I am sure that feeling of love of country is still in everyone, and now is the time to express it.

If the predicted heavy tax burdens indeed are true and the already sinking coffers at all levels of government continue, volunteers are going be needed in larger numbers than ever.

Our boardwalk is certainly a very small thing for the country, but it is very big for Myrtle Beach. Along with the new plans for the old Pavilion property, these could give downtown Myrtle Beach a whole new life. Properly marketed and protected, I think this will be the most exciting thing to happen in Myrtle Beach in many years.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.