Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Health reform

ObamaCare results negative for U.S.

ObamaCare - cause, effect, result.

Cause: ObamaCare.

Effect: $14 billion hit on corporate America; less medical coverage for retirees; fewer jobs for Americans; more jobs going overseas; more layoffs for Americans; less medical and drug coverage for workers; fewer investments in American corporations; your retirement, good bye; your kids, oh well.

Result: More American dollars, products, and jobs going overseas.

For those of you who wish to stick your heads in the sand, and say, "I have learned to get by with less," well, dig in for much less to get by on.

Remember in November.

Don McManamy


Hurting tourism

Wild hurricane predictions typical

In a recent edition of The Sun News, an article told us about "experts" and their predictions for the upcoming hurricane season on the Grand Strand.

As usual, it seems, once again they predict a larger than normal amount of hurricanes.

In the article, figures of last year's actual totals appeared.

Why wasn't last year's prediction by these same "experts" also shown? That would have allowed readers to compare and determine themselves just how credible these predictions are.

"Let's visit Myrtle Beach this year."

"No way. They're going to have a lot of hurricanes."

Really helps our economy doesn't it?

Have they ever predicted a less than normal season? Possibly they should try using a different dart board.

Bob Shoemaker

Pawleys Island

MB Jobs

New positions look to be well-paid

Re "MB eyeing fees, cuts," April 9 article:

"Adding the two officers and the two maintenance workers recommended would mean finding an extra $335,000 in the budget ..."

I checked my math: $335,000 divided by four is $83,750. Wow! Hire me!

David Gerkens

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach

How could new jobs cost so much?

Re "MB eyeing fees, cuts," April 9 article:

Just a question:

"Adding the two officers and two maintenance workers recommended would mean finding an extra $335,000 in the budget ..."

In building the boardwalk, no one created any land, so hasn't the Myrtle Beach Police Department been responsible for patrolling the area anyway? The approximate starting salary for an officer is around $35,000, times two equals $70,000.

I can hire maintenance workers all day long for minimum wage. Let's be generous and pay them $10 an hour. Two people times forty hours times 52 equals $41,600.

I'm no genius, but I can add; it equals $111,600. Please explain the City Council's "new math." I can't figure out where the other $223,400 is going.

Bill Thurlow

Murrells Inlet