Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Canadian's reception appalls many in area

Re Neil Patterson letter, "Canadian feels opposite of welcome, April 7:

The letter by Patterson, a Canadian journalist here to report on Can-Am days, caused much concern to those of us who enjoy and respect Canada and its people. Mr. Patterson, please accept my sincerest apologies for whoever treated you in such a rude, boorish way. Such behavior does not reflect how we feel about Canadians. My wife and I have visited Canada from Cape Breton to Victoria and have found it to be a spectacular, beautiful country filled with wonderfully nice people. Maybe we have lived a charmed life but we have never had a rude encounter in all of our travels in Canada. Again, please accept my apologies for the way you were treated by obvious riff-raff.

We are thrilled to have you visit Myrtle Beach and hope you will not judge us by such abhorrent behavior. To all Canadians, we say "Y'all come, we hope you have a wonderful time here, and we are always happy to have you visit."

Patrick Westmoreland


Michael Steele

GOP chairman needs replacement

America is at the crossroad of permanently endorsing socialism, and there is only chaotic opposition from a Republican Party without leadership or ideals. Conservatives and/or the tea party embrace the ideals of our Founding Fathers but they don't have a place at the table. Tea party people must gravitate to the dysfunctional Republican Party as the Democratic Party creed is based upon "from each according to his ability and to each according to his need," which is unconscionable to one who will fight for individual liberty.

Representing the Republican Party is a RINO without vision or plan to restore American ideals. Last year his leadership resulted in two important special election House losses in New York that should have been easily won. He is incompetent and corrupt. Michael Steele, resign now. Replace him with a known conservative or a tea party advocate who supports the Constitution. An empty seat is better than one filled by a person who cannot solicit support, ever. He has no enthusiasm, no vision and no plan to cleanse America.

Albert Kausch

Myrtle Beach

Seeking support

Pray for Episcopal church squabbles

I am a retired priest, a former businessman, and a very concerned member of the Episcopal Church. We seem to be throwing stones at each other rather than holding out hands. These petty disagreements that seem to be the daily focus are disruptive, disagreeable and help no one.

I share a prayer I wrote that helps me cope with this day by day:

Patient, wondrous and caring Lord, please help us through these tough days. Keep us talking. Keep us listening. Keep us thinking. Keep our minds open and our mouths shut as we try to see through and work through our differences. Let us never forget that we are the hands and eyes and mind and heart of the living Christ - who accepted everyone - whether they be straight, gay, bent, crooked, sad, mad, glad. Let us accept, not reject, those who read the Bible differently. We're all in the same boat, and in the same Book. We're all in danger of drowning unless we row together through the storms and disagreements of everyday life. Please, Lord, hang in with us and fill us with Your grace and courage. Amen. Amen.

Alan Houghton

Pawleys Island