Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Funding roads

When fuel use falls, tax will have to rise

Good news: The Obama administration set historic rule setting a 35.5 mpg standard for the auto industry by 2016. Washington experts say it will cut fuel consumption by 40 percent and save $130 billion. I have a question. Where do the federal and state governments get the money to maintain our highway system? Through taxes on fuel. A 40 percent cut in consumption equals a 40 percent reduction in fuel tax. The end result to the consumer (taxpayer) will equal zero. The fuel tax must increase just to keep at current levels.

This same concept applies to energy conservation. The less electricity and natural gas we use results in higher rates. Utility companies have fiscal costs. The less we use the more we will have to pay. It's like a dog chasing his tail. It makes me wonder if our congressmen have a clue as to what they are doing to us.

William Wittenmyer

North Myrtle Beach

After the rain

Watery road is a shame for city

The state and county should be ashamed of Waccamaw Drive in Garden City Beach. Almost every house is used by tourists who are very tired of driving through the standing water in the road. After it rains, the water is usually very deep in the road and stays there for several days. This has to be deteriorating the road, and drivers can't see the holes underwater. Walkers are scared to walk on the sidewalks for fear of being drenched by passing cars. Our residents and visitors deserve better from our road supervisors.

Bud Ribelin

Garden City Beach


God bless man who cares for feral cats

It made me feel good to see the picture of Gene Slota from Sav-R-Cats selflessly caring for all the homeless, hungry cats on the beach. God bless him for all the care he gives to these creatures.

Mary Ann Bennett

Myrtle Beach


Cartoons, articles reveal slanted view

I though that your editorial staff might progress to trying to compromise or admitting some validity to other people's points of view that do not agree with yours. Not to be. Most of your political "cartoons" are as slanted as your "my way only" point of view.

All I have seen on my newspaper front pages lately is "Obama Praise" and "Condemnation" of anyone who dares disagree with his and your opinion.

The "experts" who read your paper will call me whatever they want me to be. Whatever shoe fits.

Larry Mozingo

Surfside Beach