Letters to the Editor

City intimidates workers, is secretive

I was dismayed to read in the North Myrtle Beach Times that members of the Public Safety Department were advised not to attend the recent meeting of the North Myrtle Beach Citizens Association. It appears that these employees are still subject to intimidation by the city administration. I do not know who was responsible for this advisory but it would be incumbent upon the City Council to investigate this matter. It appears that it is business as usual within the Public Safety Department.

Also, in regards to separating the police and fire services, two City Council persons, Doris Williams and Terry White, stated that they fully support this concept. However, I have never heard this matter discussed in open council sessions. Where do they discuss this matter? Is it in executive sessions or privately among themselves? Why are these two council persons reluctant to bring up this topic in open session of the council?

Let the residents of the city know where their councilman stands on this issue and why they are taking that stand. It appears to me, from the comments I have heard or read, that a great majority of the residents favor separating these services. Why is it not being done? Why is the city hiring a public safety director and not a chief of police?

The writer, a retired North Myrtle Beach fire chief, lives in Little River.