Letters to the Editor

Think about cost of plastic bags

Dear people of this country, I wish you would keep the following in mind as you leave a store carrying your purchase in that thin white plastic bag. We import 12 million barrels of oil to manufacture 100 billion of those bags yearly. Some of the countries supplying the oil don't even like us, and the bags are a major pollutant in our streams and landfills. The thin plastic will break into small pieces eventually, and that is a danger for wildlife for they see it as food but can't digest it. We don't know how to make the plastic go away; it's here to stay in one form or another.

In the Atlantic and Pacific oceans there are huge floating garbage areas, some as large as the state of Texas, mainly made up of thin plastic. This terrible mess is very upsetting to the ecological system and is causing great harm to our oceans, especially fish and other living organisms.

China as of this year has outlawed the use and manufacture of thin plastic and now refers to the United States as "that big white plastic blob." Australia is also phasing out the use of thin plastic bags, and England's government has it under consideration. Should not we be doing the same?

A generous God gave us a beautiful green planet to live on, our harbor, our garden, a holy place. Let's all treat it with respect and do what we can to clean it up and keep it safe for future generations.

Ask for paper bags when shopping - trees are renewable and nonpolluting - or better yet take your own reusable cloth ones. We should all keep this in mind. Perhaps gas prices would go down if we didn't use so much oil to produce those polluting thin plastic bags.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.