Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

No tax increase

Trailer fee is easy answer for revenue

South Carolina has the power to solve many a tax issue by initiating one single fee - licensing for trailers. All trailers, regardless of size, would be required to pay an annual fee of $5 for registration. Along with the registration will be the requirement that all lights are in working order. If there is a concern about this "significant" cost as it relates to agriculture, an exemption could be made for those vehicles that have been validated as used for agricultural purposes only. The residents of this state will initially protest; however, when they realize their taxes will not be increased for some unnecessary or mundane reason, they will willingly pay the $5 (if they own a trailer).

Tony Dumbleton

North Myrtle Beach

Our health

Smoking does more damage than obesity

Re Benjamin Herschler letter, "Tax food industry, instead," March 25, regarding his idea of taxing the food industry because of obesity:

Tobacco-related illness is the No. 1 cause of preventable deaths in the United States, as it causes more deaths than any other disease, auto wrecks, or other forms of cancer or heart disease alone, and is 10 times more harmful to one's health than obesity.

If he thinks there is no tax on food, then he must grow everything that he eats, as the tax on food in the stores keeps going up all the time.

As Sarah Field ("Raise cigarette tax, save teachers' jobs," March 24 letter) stated, the teachers and the schools would benefit more from a higher tax on cigarettes, such as $1.34 a pack, that would bring South Carolina in line with the national average, would help smokers quit smoking, and would also keep children from smoking at an early age. It would also help Herschler to live a longer life by kicking the habit.

Bill and Rose Cameron

Little River


Hardly 'hate mail'; disagreement is apt

I wish to take vigorous exception to Terry Munson's March 25 letter ("Anti-Obama letter equal to hate mail") in which he accuses Bill Johnston of sending hate mail. Since when is it a hate crime to disagree with the political philosophy of our nation's leader? Thank God we can still speak out when we believe our leadership is wrong. As to Munson's charge of Johnston's speaking drivel, I would say just the opposite is true.

A sizable wing of opposing political opinion uses these so-called "emotionally charged" words concerning our president's agenda, and I've never heard the hate mail label applied.

Bill Johnston (a World War II Marine survivor of the war in the Pacific) has earned the right to "speak his piece." He is a true patriot, and he is saying a lot of things that need to be said about what is going on in Washington today.

Stewart Swift

Pawleys Island

Middle East

Steps Israel takes

are reasonable

Re H. Olson letter, "U.S. should withhold aid to Israel," March 17:

The concrete wall he is talking about was built to stop suicide murderers from bombing buses every week with women and little children aboard. The wall is about 50 miles long with the concrete part about 3 percent. That is to keep out the terrorists. It is working. Egypt is building a wall to keep out all Palestinians, and it is 70 miles long. No one is saying anything about that. The houses to be built in Jerusalem had the land bought and paid for eight years ago. The people living there do not own them and don't pay rent. The synagogue that wants to reopen in Jerusalem was taken over and blown up by the Jordanians 40 years ago. The Israelis are just reclaiming what they had for 200 years. As for his talking to a "settler," a better example would be when the U.S. was at war with Mexico and won New Mexico and Texas.


Morise Krakowski

Toronto, Ontario, and Myrtle Beach


Commentary is lopsided; goodbye

After reading Issac Bailey's column critical of only Republicans, I have decided not to renew my subscription which my deceased husband, Mickey Spillane, had since the 1950s. The Sun News can't find one local conservative columnist to add balance to the paper.

Bailey refuses to criticize one Democrat. I can only assume that Bailey thinks it is OK to bribe Democrats for votes, take $500 billion from Medicare to pay for the newly insured instead of fixing Medicare, spend $10 billion for 16,500 new IRS agents to make sure every month that we have the right kind of insurance, and take away student loans from banks and put government in charge.

I am sure Bailey is excited that the Bush tax cuts end in 2011 and that my taxes are going to skyrocket.

I am sure Mr. Bailey would agree that I need to tighten my belt with all these new taxes so I can pay even more money to make sure we redistribute the wealth. To tighten my belt, I will not be renewing The Sun News.

Jane Spillane

Murrells Inlet