Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Selfish thinking stops progress

Re Frank Karr letter, "Voters need to be more aware," March 21:

To put Frank's mind (and memory) at ease.

The author's name is Real E. Wacko. This author is related to the DeMint, Sanford and Wilson families who immigrated to South Carolina many years ago. They used to be called the "all for me-me-me family" and championed the "keep-everything-in-my-own-pocket" ideas and believed that no one else should be considered except themselves.

The real problem and danger to the American republic is that this backward mind-set must be changed to a more positive thinking way of life so as not to hold back our further growth as a progressive and enlightened nation.

Remember government of, for, and by the people (all the people), not of, by and for the rich and the connected and the well off.

Frank, we all know who the "multitude of fools" are. They are those of the selfish, me-me-me, money-money-money Real E. Wacko family.

L.L Hood

Murrells Inlet

Thank you

Quick alert saves worry, hassle

As I was blithely backing my car out my parking spot at the U.S. 501 Wal-Mart, I noticed an employee frantically waving his arms at me. As I stopped, he held up my "I-keep-my-whole-life-in-this-thing-and-more" purse. I had left it in my shopping cart, and he had come along at that moment to collect it. "Phew" does not even begin to express my relief. Thank you to the wonderful man who made sure I got it back. While I have no doubt that he would have turned the purse in to the store, he saved me a great deal of time and anguish as he waved and clapped to get my attention. He is my hero of the day.

Jane Nierstedt

Myrtle Beach

Pier lease

Reward Nibils' years of dedication

Re Nibils Restaurant lease on the town-owned Surfside Beach pier.

It would be a terrible injustice to the people of Surfside Beach to not renew the Cahills' lease in December. My family and I have been loyal patrons of Nibils ever since it opened 22 years ago. It has a wonderful family atmosphere, and the food is fantastic. The service is outstanding, and the prices are fair, so it's no surprise locals and tourists keep returning year after year. Why mess up a good thing? Surfside Beach is a family beach, and Nibils is a family restaurant, owned and operated by the Cahills.

The council seems to be too interested in making a few extra bucks instead of doing what is best for the people. I realize the bid process is mandatory, but I also understand the council can reward the lease to anyone they choose without looking at the bids. Let's pray that they do what is best for the public and not let politics control this decision. The Cahills' success and loyalty to Surfside deserve to be rewarded.

Karen Mozingo

Surfside Beach

Not European

Obama should get back to U.S. ideals

Re David Barsalou letter, "It's time to start acting like a leader," March 22:

The writer places Obama in the right "church."

Now lets place him in the right "pew" by asking that our president start acting like an American. Oops, "acting" like an American earned him the presidency. Performing as the European-style socialist that he is promises a severely contentious presidency and a likely short term in office.

Obama and the left's core problem is that Americans have long detested socialism, a fact publicly acknowledged as far back as the 1890s by John Dewey, a socialist and founder of America's public school system who stopped calling himself one and adopted the deceptive term of "Progressive" to hide behind.

Liberal, progressive, socialist: It is said that the far left cannot win the presidency by running on their true intentions. The center is starting to get the message. Constitutionalists have from the start.

Sam Shanely

North Myrtle Beach

Guns' role

'Bad people' take what they want

Re Mike Templeton letter, "More guns won't make us safer," March 6:

To all my liberal-minded friends: With all due respect, what rock have you lived under or what cave have you been sheltered in for your adult life? In case you haven't realized it there are bad people out in this world we live in. They don't have values, morals or believe in God. All they know about is taking what they want and need.

If you don't want to protect yourself and family from them you better hope you get real lucky and have a archangel near you when you encounter one of these animals. Having a weapon in your hand and available to you could possibly prevent your untimely death or serious injury. But you don't believe in protecting yourself. That may be fine for you but what about your child or spouse? Your motto is let someone else protect me. But on the other hand don't let them have a weapon like a handgun.

You better learn to protect yourself because no one else will.

Pete Hyder

Murrells Inlet