Letters to the Editor

Crack down on Boulevard speed

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that few drivers care to obey posted limits on our main beach road, Ocean Boulevard? I suppose we could beef up police patrols and radar traps, but that would only provide spotty, temporary enforcement at best as our police officers are already overextended. I think the problem is in the message, which is apparently not getting across. Perhaps our meek, nondescript speed limit signs fail to drive home the point.

By comparison, S.C. highway work zones are flanked with bold, no-nonsense, intimidating signs that let drivers know that speeding will result in fines up to $200 and jail time up to 30 days. Now, that's driving the point home.

So, why should a mom with a beach umbrella, cooler and three kids trying to walk across a busy beach road be afforded any less protection than South Carolina's highway workers? Why are these children-saturated beach crossing zones not marked to the hilt and covered by the most extreme speeding penalties imaginable? When will that inevitable accident no longer wait to happen?

This summer, it sure would be nice to see new bright orange signs posted directly under all of our Ocean Boulevard speed signs that say "Zero Tolerance Speed Zone," followed by brief, ominous details on fines and jail time you can expect if you choose to speed anyway. Slow down, or go down. It's their choice.

Let's not wait for a tragic reason to do this. That's a headline The Sun News would never, ever want to run.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.