Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Vote them out

Party politics aren't in citizens' interest

According to "Graham: Bill may kill immigration overhaul," a March 20 article, Sen. Lindsey Graham stated that if a health care bill passes, the immigration effort is dead for the year.

Let me get this straight, Sen. Graham: An immigration bill that you believe is important for the USA and have presented to President Obama, and that you "have spent months working with Sen. Charles Schumer to draft," you won't support and vote for if health care passes? Your own immigration bill?

These are the kinds of party politics and immature, childish games our congressional officials are playing in Washington. It's not just Graham, it's all of them, both Democrats and Republicans. Some Republican congressmen have gone on record stating they will obstruct any Democratic legislation that comes up before the November elections. Is this why we have elected these boys and girls? To shut down the congressional process and place their own party politics ahead of the citizens of the USA?

I believe the best solution is to vote all incumbents out in the next election.

Robert Kazersky


Myrtle beach visit

Canadian feels opposite of welcome

As a Canadian journalist here to report on Can-Am Days, I was having trouble finding the basic information my article needed to show how people here wanted visitors. Then I received it. Parked in the hotel parking garage standing beside my car, it hit me. Yes, it hit me, a half-full beer can thrown from a car coming down off the top ramp. Two men in their late teens who sped off the top floor in a car with an S.C. license plate threw beer cans at me. Out of their windows they also yelled, "You blank, blank Canadians, go home." One of the cans smashed into the side window of my car. I wasn't hurt, but now I understand there is definitely an undercurrent by the residents that not only do they not want the motorcycles but other tourists as well.

Neil Patterson

Garden City Beach


Officials should use poll to decide vote

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the politics in this county will never change as long as people vote on party lines or vote strictly by color. Any politician who is put in office by we the people should poll their constituents before they vote on major issues such as health care, Social Security, etc. Regardless of party affiliation they should vote on the result of these polls. Anything short of this should be reason to get rid of any politician. There is no way politicians should vote along party lines when it's against the people's wishes. Only then will politics be what it was meant to be to make this country great again.

Raymond Mara

Myrtle Beach


Stop progression toward socialism

I will put this in a way the Obamanation can understand: Goodbye, liberties; goodbye, freedom; goodbye, America. You were told this was going to happen, and now that it has we have got to stand up and fight this administration from taking our nation over and turning it into a socialist nation. It's what he's doing and we are the only ones who can stop them. Please go out and vote in November. All of America is counting on you. Stop Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama from destroying America, "the land that I love." The problem with America is that the media is the one telling us who to vote for. America, you have the choices to choose who you want to share your views as our next president. Start thinking for yourself and vote for America, not for a party that is hell-bent on defeating the only free land in this world.

Kyle Nash

Myrtle Beach