Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Traffic Fatalities

Drive carefully, observe laws

Re Henry Meeks' letter, "What's purpose of blue light special?" March 28:

I am always deeply troubled by the number of traffic fatalities each year on the highways of South Carolina. I do not want to die in a traffic accident, and every citation that a police officer issues to a driver lessens the chance of that happening to me. Take responsibility for your mistake, pay up, and become a more careful and cautious driver out there. My life will be better for it, and for that I thank you. Thanks also to every officer out there who is trying to make my trip out a safe one.

Mary W. Smith

Garden City Beach

Alcohol Tax

Already plenty of levies on booze buys

Re Ola May Stalvey letter, "Alcohol tax could improve safety," March 25: Just how much of a tax do you have in mind? Are you aware that there is already an additional state tax of 5 percent called a "liquor excise tax" added to all bar and restaurant liquor sales and filed with and paid to the S.C. Revenue Department by restaurant and bar owners every month? This tax is in addition to sales tax, state hospitality tax and our local option tax. As a local restaurant owner, I would be curious to know exactly how much revenue is already generated by this additional liquor excise tax.

Karen Butterworth

Myrtle Beach


Thanks to those who helped All Star game

On behalf of the S.C. Basketball Coaches Association, I wanted to thank the administration and staff at North Myrtle Beach High School for hosting the 62nd North-South High School All Star Basketball game. Principal Trevor Strawderman, athletic director Joe Quigley, head coach John Trussell and Event Chairwoman Naomi Cook did another outstanding job of coordinating this statewide event. We also appreciate Horry County School Superintendent Cindy Elsberry for taking time to present the All State medals to the student-athletes.

We also want to extend our most sincere appreciation to Bi-Lo for serving as our primary corporate sponsor . Their generosity makes this such a memorable experience for the athletes. Special thanks also to Bocock Sports, Prince Resort and Thrifty Car Rental for their contributions to the game. We could not do what we do without these fine folks.

This is the third consecutive year that North Myrtle Beach High School has hosted the All Star Weekend, and they only get better each year. Our association looks forward to continuing this partnership for many years to come. The high school served as an excellent ambassador. Thanks again, and go Chiefs!

Dr. Greg Elliott

Past President, S.C. Basketball Coaches Association

Discounts aplenty

Long-term visitors

deserve discounts

This winter more than any winter in the past there have been more discounts offered to locals and visitors alike than we have seen in the time we've lived here. The downturn in the economy has had some positive effects - better customer service and better deals to be had. But, as usual, there is the unhappy person who writes to The Sun News and complains about not getting a few additional discounts that are offered to the locals. If we come to your city or town to spend a few months, what discounts will we receive?

D'Ann O'Donovan

Murrells Inlet

Bailey vindicated

Stimulus package

is working

Re Johnston Buriss letter, "Columnist no financial whiz," March 19:

Buriss derided your columnist Issac Bailey's financial expertise because he attributed our economy's 6.9 percent fourth quarter growth, at least in part, to President Obama's stimulus package. "Not so" said Buriss, it was simply caused by a "one-time replacement of long-dwindling inventories by retailers." What, may I ask, caused these inventories to dwindle?

Isn't it likely that they were purchased by American consumers? Could some of those consumers be the unemployed put back to work by the stimulus package?

Daiel Zamos

North Myrtle Beach