Letters to the Editor

Homeless pets struggle to survive

I am a gray tabby cat. My name is Shadow. A little girl named me that back when I lived with a family. I used to sleep at the foot of her bed. She would often pet me, and I would purr contentedly.

But one day the family moved away and left me behind. I slept on the porch for a while hoping they might return for me but they never did.

Finally I got so hungry I had to leave in search of food.

While I wandered the neighborhood I began to meet other cats. Some were friendly, some were mean, but all of us had one thing in common - we were homeless, left behind or thrown away or become lost from owners who left us out to wander all alone.

It's scary out here. I am hungry most of the time. I have to paw through garbage to find food. Occasionally, I can catch a mouse or bird. Few people leave cat food out but not many.

I have fleas that itch and mites in my ears.

The worst thing is the cold and rain. My nature is to seek warmth. I would love to curl up in someone's lap or on a rug in the sunshine. Instead my life has become a struggle to survive.

I know there must be someone out there who cares, who would take me in and love me, feed me and never let me out again ever. But will they find me in time? Or will I die of disease, neglect or trauma? Will I live and have to spend another winter in the shivering cold? Please help me.