Letters to the Editor

Mandate robs us of our liberty

With the passage of "Obamacare," our system of government is hardly recognizable as a democracy. Representatives are elected to - get this! - represent the will of the people. Yet the majority of the delegates in the U.S. House of Representatives refuse to represent their constituents. One such assassin of democracy is South Carolina's own Congressman John Spratt (D-York). Spratt introduced and fought for passage of the Health Care & Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010, "Obamacare."

The act rocks the foundation of our democracy by assaulting the concept of individual liberty - the very basis of both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. By mandating health coverage, Congress has eroded the value of our personal liberty. No longer can "we the people" make our own decisions. The government, apparently, believes that it is better suited to choose for us. Remember the TV program "Father Knows Best"? Well, this is "Big Brother Knows Best," and we can't turn it off with the flip of a switch.

Beyond assaulting our liberty, the act astronomically expands the role - and the size - of government. And while government grows, businesses shrink. Jobs in the private sector will surely become even more scarce, as small businesses will crumble under the weight of the act's requirements. Unable to afford health insurance for their employees, small businesses will be forced to cut hiring, shrink their work force, or worse, close their doors completely. Of course, our compassionate Congress built choice into the act: Businesses don't have to comply; they're welcome to pay a fine instead. Naturally, adding another business burden will leave even more people unemployed, and those without work will have to turn to the government ... but without businesses alive to pay the taxes that allow the government to support the unemployed, where will that money come from?

The printer, that's where - the government will print money, and the debt will increase evermore.

Big Brother does not know best. Everything the government touches - General Motors, Chrysler, countless banks - ends up battered by the government's "help." Health care is no exception. "Obamacare" is doomed from the get-go. It is fiscally reckless, and it is menacing to democracy.