Letters to the Editor

Stay away from Mexico's violence

With spring break upon us, thousands of Americans, mostly students, want to embark on their annual pilgrimage to Acapulco, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas or one of the other tourist destinations in Mexico. Of course, recent and not so recent events in Mexico make this pilgrimage problematic.

First on the mind of most American parents is the issue of safety. Simply put, in the past few years, Mexico has become a narco-terrorist state.

Contrary to popular opinion, the violence is not confined to the border cities near Texas. The Associated Press recently reported that 13 people were murdered in Acapulco.

In its report, AP noted that "Guerrero state police say the dead include two decapitated men whose bodies were left on a scenic road packed with nightclubs in the resort city of Acapulco." So, my friends, the violence is not confined to Juarez.

There is strong evidence that the drug lords have now infiltrated the police departments and government, so the traditional supporters of law and order are now suspect and can't be relied on by American tourists. In 2009, the mayor of Cancun was arrested and questioned in regard to the kidnapping, torture and murder of a retired Army general. The deceased, Brig. General Mauro Enrique Tello Quinones, had been active in fighting the cartels during his career. Tello and his bodyguard were kidnapped in Cancun, tortured, shot in the head, and then had their bodies dumped in the jungle.

More recently, an American couple, Leslie Enriquez and Arthur Redelfs, were murdered in their car near the Santa Fe International bridge linking Ciudad Juarez with El Paso, Texas. Enriquez, 35, was pregnant.

Fortunately, their young child, who was in the back seat, escaped the barrage of bullets.

The silence of our government (which was busy passing a health care bill that a vast majority of Americans didn't want) on these murders of American citizens has been deafening.

A second reason to avoid spending your money in Mexico has to do with Mexico in general. For years Mexican citizens have flaunted our laws, illegally entered our country and raided our social services to the tune of billions of dollars. In California alone, the annual cost of providing social services to these illegal aliens is estimated to be in excess of $4 billion.

Scores of trauma centers have had to close in California because of their inability to absorb the costs of servicing this uninvited segment of our population. Americans now subsidize the costs associated with supporting our prison inmate population, some of whom are illegal aliens.

With around 18 percent of our population underemployed or unemployed, and up to 80 percent of our inner city black youth unable to find jobs, one has to question the sagacity of spending our vacation dollars in Mexico, when there are numerous vacation opportunities available right here in the USA. Many of our resorts towns could certainly use the money. Our teens can certainly find liquor and night clubs in American towns.

Some will say that most Mexican citizens are "good people," and I'm sure that is true. I choose to blame those "good people" of Mexico for allowing their country to sink into its current state of utter chaos. In summary, spend your money here and let Mexico drown in its own depravity.