Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Surfside Beach

Rhoades has ability to boost economy

I was born and raised in Surfside Beach. After returning home from attending college and graduate school, I was shocked to see what has become of many local businesses. The storefronts all seemed to be vacant and there is little being done to get new businesses to fill the spots.

Marty Rhoades seems genuinely concerned for the local economy and shows the ability to do something about the lack of new businesses.

Please join me in voting for Marty Rhoades on Tuesday.

Jill K. Hoagland

Surfside Beach


Democrats on wrong side of racist history

I'm getting a little tired of Democrats calling me a racist for not going along with the radical socialist agenda of their Messiah Obama. As the Democrats celebrated their victory over the will of the people, allegations were made about some of the protesters using the n-word toward some black congressmen. In a column decrying the racism of the protesters toward Obama, Rep. John Lewis, et.al., Leonard Pitts zeroes in on the injustices suffered by Lewis during the civil rights movement of the '60s. Pitts conveniently omits the fact that the responsible parties were Democrats. The Ku Klux Klan was formed to keep freed slaves from voting, or to make sure they voted Democrat. We who are old enough remember Gov. George Wallace of Alabama (a Democrat) blocking the entrance to a school to keep out black children. It was Republican President Eisenhower who sent troops to allow those kids to go to school. President Lyndon Johnson needed Republican votes to pass the civil rights bill in 1964 because too many Democrats voted against it, including Al Gore's father.

Bob Soule

Myrtle Beach


Missing credit card used in a hurry

My wife's recent experience will once again prove how vigilant we must be when using a credit card. After my wife discovered that the credit card that she had used was missing, she called the last place she had used the card. They told her they did not have it so she immediately called me at work. By the time I called the credit card company to cancel the card, it had been fraudulently used three times, twice at a gas station/convenience store and once at a home improvement store, the latter for a purchase of over $500. Clearly the checkout person didn't even ask the user for any identification. Although we are not liable for these fraudulent purchases, it angers me that an individual or individuals so easily will steal in this way. I don't care how bad the economy is or how needy some people might be, this is not the way it should be.

Dr. Stuart C. Cohen

Myrtle Beach


Ticketed drivers usually erred

Re Henry Meeks letter, "What's purpose of blue light special?" March 28:

I have spent much time driving our local roads, particularly U.S. 17 Business from Pawleys Island to North Myrtle Beach. I have had the unfortunate experience of getting an occasional traffic ticket for a minor offense (such as speeding, etc). Any ticket that I received (as is usually the case) was deserved for an infraction of the law. The violations Mr Meeks listed of him and his fellow motorists all seemed very avoidable (speeding, failure to have in possession license and registration, etc.).

With the number of drunken and distracted drivers on our roads, as well as the alarming increase in road rage and the epidemic of texting and cell phone use while driving, I would have to say, that the majority, if not all tickets, are given for just cause.

Elizabeth Jordan

Myrtle Beach