Letters to the Editor

Democrats' rules great for golf

Recently I had the pleasure of playing golf with my regular foursome when we introduced "Stagg Rules" into the game. Basically, we eliminated mulligans and gimmes from the game. As most know, a mulligan, if agreeable with your opponents, is a second opportunity to re-hit your tee shot if you are not successful on your first attempt, and a gimme is a demonstration of generosity by one's opponent to allow you to pick up your ball on the green with the assumption that you would sink the putt easily, and thereby speed up play.

In "Stagg Rules," when a player declares "Stagg Rules in Effect," mulligans are automatically replaced with Pelosis. No one in the group is allowed to object once Pelosis are declared. A Pelosi is similar to the mulligan except there is no limit on the number of Pelosis you can use off the tee, in the fairway or around the greens. Once you are satisfied with one of your many efforts, you may select the one you like and proceed to your next shot.

Normally, an average golfer will see a dramatic improvement in fairways and greens hit in regulation under the Pelosi rule. But the real good news comes with the abolition of gimmes, which we have replaced with Deems. No longer will you be at the mercy of an ungentlemanly opponent who never gives a putt longer than 6 inches. Once you are on the green within the flagpole's length from the hole (about 8 feet), you may Deem your putt to be a gimme, pick up your ball, and move on to the next tee.

At first, my group was skeptical of my "Stagg Rules" declaration, but let me tell you, when we added up our scores and everyone came in 10 under par or better, there were smiles all around. I'm beginning to think this Obama guy's thinking ain't all that bad. Can't wait to tee it up again.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.