Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

No chance to kill

Killer whale should be isolated

What happened to Dawn Brancheau [the SeaWorld trainer who was killed by a killer whale] should never have happened. According to CNN, the article said "she might have broken protocol." This killer whale should not have attacked and killed her. Is it not a fact that this same killer whale killed two other men as well, one in 1991 and the other in 1999? Wasn't that a sign? Something is severely wrong with this killer whale. How many more victims will succumb to this mammal? It is all well and good to form charitable foundations on Dawn's behalf but what about the men who died in 1991 and 1999? CNN also raises the question of keeping dolphins in the wild. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals say "other animals in captivity die early and other human beings have died as well from keeping dolphins in captivity. I feel Tilikum should be isolated in a tank with others whales only ... no human contact whatsoever. I also believe that he should not be in any more shows.

Which is more important - keeping killer whales for shows or keeping human beings alive?

Karen Green


2010 Census

Excessive mailings just run up the cost

I am writing to complain about the stupidity of the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Census Bureau. It is no wonder the government is broke. A couple of weeks ago we, the public, received through the mail a card stating that in a few days we would receive the census forms. I received the third card saying I should have received the request and to return ASAP. Now how many millions do you think it cost us the taxpayers for those three notices? I know the post office is in bad financial straits, but please.

In our neighborhood and probably all over the U.S., people are not in houses they own, but in particular here they use them for a vacation place. I could count 50 or so in my neighborhood. They won't get the notice because no one is at the house. Walking people come. No one will be there to answer the door. Same with phone books - I see them left in driveways all over the subdivision. I don't pretend to know the answer, however I do think three notices for each household before they are delivered or answered is a complete waste of money. I would hate to see cost of this project.

Jerrydine Schmidt

Pawleys Island


'Blue light special' easy to explain

Re Henry Meeks letter, "What's purpose of blue light special?" March 28:

Unbelievable! That many drivers waiting to clear up traffic tickets? If they had obeyed the traffic laws, rules, regulations, they would not be there. Let me ask you a few questions:

1. Do you obey the speed limits? (Not many do)

2. Do you tailgate? (Of course)

3. Do you use your turn signals before making a turn or changing lanes? (I never use turn signals when changing lanes. I just pull in between the vehicles in the other lane.)

4. Do you use your headlights in the rain? (Nope, mine come on automatically - but your taillights do not and they are as important as headlights.)

5. Do you speed up when you see a traffic light change from green to amber and end up running a red light? (Sure!)

6. Are you always in a hurry? (Yes, after all I have high speed Internet service, cell phone, text, Twitter, etc., everything I do has to be fast!)

So, that's why you see so many blue light specials.

Earl Blount

Murrells Inlet


Let's name names on rally losses

Re "Fewer venues sign up for rally," March 26 article:

Another interesting tale of Myrtle Beach. Part of the article has to do with the rain at Daytona's bike rally. I mean, who really cares that it rained in Florida?

Can you list the names and offices of the city personnel who stopped the money that has been lost here? Also, divide the number of personnel into an estimated amount we now lose each year. Then we could see just how much each person has cost us.

Besides their changing of the bike laws, can we get a law that requires people with convertibles to put the tops up in the city limits of Myrtle Beach? Some of those people are so ugly they distract my driving.

Tommy Dodson

Myrtle Beach