Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Surfside Beach

Incumbent Samples cares about town

Few Surfside Beach town residents have or take the time to attend our council meetings. That is unfortunate because so much that affects our lives is discussed there in an open forum. We need to elect people who are informed, of strong moral character and capable of making these decisions.

I am a strong supporter of Doug Samples. He currently is a Town Council member, and he stays informed on the issues that come before the council. Doug and his family have lived in Surfside Beach for 20 years, and his commitment and dedication to our town are admired and appreciated by the many friends and neighbors who know him.

His knowledge of Surfside Beach and the issues that now confront it are impressive. Please vote for Doug Samples. He is a man who really cares about our town and the full-time residents who live here.

Ron Saunders

Surfside Beach

Town Council

Rhoades shows leadership qualities

For the past year I've been a member of the Low Country Chapter of The Barbershop Harmony Society. Our musical director is Marty Rhoades, one of the candidates for Surfside Beach Town Council. Until two weeks ago, he never mentioned to me his pursuing this position. I was pleasantly surprised when he did.

I have found him to be an extremely kind, understanding and dedicated person who handles leadership in a warm yet firm fashion. He's very patient with all the members of our group, handling any situations that may come up with tact and diplomacy (even to newcomers to the chorus - especially me).

Not being politically oriented, I was never impressed with candidates who profess their monetary and business holdings, or political connections.

Marty, however, has the kind of qualities I would look for in any candidate I'd consider voting for - the "genuine" characteristics that count when political silliness and such cloud situations, and where internal strength and a logical persona smooth and calm all to a positive result.

Marty has all these - too bad I'm not allowed to vote in Surfside Beach.

Sy Kaplan



Samples' lasting values suit town

The incumbent Councilman Doug Samples is definitely the top choice for the Town Council. His business/government management experience, higher education, caring frugal insight, and eight years of "involved, dedicated" local council experience have repeatedly made a positive difference helping our town achieve greater progress and results.

Eight years ago in his first campaign, Samples stated in his neighborhood printed flier that "maintaining our 'family beach' atmosphere and priceless quality of life is the top priority" ... "through careful, controlled growth" ... "Town Government must operate as efficiently and economically as possible." I think consistency is admirable. His present 2010 beliefs are the same: "having our government pay as it goes, spend tax dollars wisely, and not increase taxes" ... "striving to retain our small-town character, values and neighborliness." At the March 28 Town Council candidates forum, his knowledgeable insight was very apparent, supporting public safety, citizens' rights, lower taxes, Town Comprehensive Plan, efficient sanitation services, stormwater control, realistic traffic/parking control, beautification on U.S. 17 medians/Surfside Drive/Ocean Boulevard, Nibils remaining on the pier, town ordinance enforcement and our library expansion.

So, in these demanding times of economic, educational, social and environmental challenges, Doug Samples has my vote to help Surfside Beach achieve continued real progress and excellent quality of life for residents and tourists.

Shelby Smith

Surfside Beach

Enough complaints

Marathon planners did their best

Please, please, no more letters about the canceled marathon.

I don't think anymore can be added to the debate as to whether the marathon should have been postponed rather than canceled.

It seems only those who are whining and threatening to never set - or run - a foot in Myrtle Beach are writing in.

Oh sure, as a snowbird I was amused with the hysteria of the weather forecasters, the actual snow accumulation, and the lovely day after the afternoon melt. But I also will acknowledge that there were dangers, not to mention the inability to adjust volunteers' availability later in the day.

The city and the organizers are taking a lot of flak. But they are trying to make some amends (good grief, they cannot give full refunds nor make up for what people spent to get here) and they are learning lessons for next year's race.

Unless the next writers can show us that they are master planners who can not only plan for every contingency, but also control the weather, let's call an end to this letter writing marathon. Please.

Julie Z. Tanner

Wintering in Murrells Inlet


Flight to London would be welcome

As one of hundreds of Brits in our area, I was overjoyed to know a charter flight to London is even being talked about. We all have relatives, parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, children and grandchildren who would like to come over and would pay for a more convenient way of getting here. I am sure that the charter flights would be booked up very quickly.

As for the runway not being long enough, that seems like a very easy problem to solve.

On many frequent trips to our airport I have met golfers who have come over from Scotland for a week just to play golf, and several British businessmen and other British travelers.

So this is good news to us and our families. We will hope the talks progress.

Beryl Andrews

Myrtle Beach