Letters to the Editor

USPS does well in uphill battle

Re James Gunn letter, "Workers overpaid, inefficient," March 21:

I do not know anyone who works for the post office. Saying that, let me try and straighten out Gunn on a few facts. One, why you wrote our two senators to complain is beyond me. Most informed people know the U.S. Postal Service is a private concern and has not received one penny from the American taxpayer since 1980. Here, though, lies one of the problems the USPS has: Though it gets zero monetary support from the government, not one penny of your tax dollars, it must do as Congress bids. For one example, when Gunn puts his stamp on a letter to a friend in Alaska, Congress tells the post office it must deliver that letter for the same price as the one he sends to a friend across the street. Try calling FedEx or UPS and see what they would charge to come to your house, pick it up, transport it across the country, and deliver to your friend's mailbox. Now, Mr. Gunn, tell me: Do you know any private company that could do that for 44 cents and survive and make a profit?

He then goes on to complain about the salary of a mail carrier, using sarcasm to make his point. He says they make the same money as middle management . Where he gets this information I don't know. Here are the facts I have been able to get; they are readily available on the Internet. Mail carriers earn about $50,000 dollars a year, I guess he might call that a living wage, while middle managers earn $80,000 to $100,000 a year not counting bonuses.

Finally, my experience with the employees of the post office has always been pleasant. They do their job well and have always been courteous and efficient.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.