Letters to the Editor

Armed self-defense is a right

Re Mike Templeton letter, "More guns won't make us safer," March 6:

He "prefers" that decent citizens not be "allowed" to carry a concealed weapon! What an insult to our Constitution!

I prefer that people don't kill, maim, rob, etc. but unless I take a positive position to prevent these types of crimes it will continue unopposed; evil without constraint continues the path of least resistance.

I moved here from Virginia, an open-carry state - any citizen can openly carry a firearm (including long guns) in public places unless signs are posted otherwise, since they are private property.

Lowe's learned the hard way not to ban open or concealed weapons and removed signs forbidding firearms.

My daughter lives in Maryland; she is 48, single and works long hours and has a top secret security clearance. She has been told unless you have had at least five assaults against you, you cannot carry concealed for personal protection.

What bureaucratic and unconstitutional stupidity. What if you don't survive the first assault?

In Vermont you go to a gun store, buy a handgun, put it in your purse or pocket and walk out. Have you noticed any rampage of crime in Vermont?

It is time for South Carolina to get with the program - self-defense is a right 24 hours a day, at home or in the public domain.

An old Roman dictum: "The sight of one sword often keeps another in its scabbard."

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.