Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Surfside beach

Dodge has integrity when others don't

At the candidates forum for Surfside Beach Town Council, we heard a lot of answers from the candidates. Some we know were saying whatever they needed to. Earlier in the week they stated some things totally differently in private conversations to us and our neighbors. I guess some people were not too receptive and for this forum changed their answers to get your vote. After you elect them they will do what they want.

One person we truly believe in is Ann Dodge. She is genuine, honest and will listen to the citizens' wants and needs in our town, keeping their interest in her decisions and heart. We have known Ann for years and found her to be a woman of her word and always looking at the good side of life and people, never any hidden agenda, just a caring spirit for our town and it's people. She will be an asset to Town Council and our community. We will give our votes to Ann Dodge on April 6.

Kathy and Bill Goddard

Surfside Beach

Horry County

Barnard has key qualities for post

This upcoming election we must put our house in order by electing a fiscally conservative candidate, who knows how to cut wasteful spending, reduce taxes, and stimulate the economy for growth and jobs. A person on the local level who has a track record as a hawk on waste in government, a tough tax cutter, a man of integrity, honesty and trustworthiness is Howard Barnard. Barnard is a candidate for chairman of the Horry County Council; with his vast knowledge, experience in understanding the operation of county government and his credentials as a motivator, he brings leadership qualities to the county. His promises are his bond, and he has lived up to every promise he has made, i.e. moved the South Strand evacuation plan forward, which was lingering for years without movement; promised to serve two terms as county councilman for District 5; pushed through the 1 percent sales tax (which sunsets in seven years) for the construction and maintenance of roads, etc.

John E. Bonsignor

Myrtle Beach


Liberals use religion when convenient

I have noticed that most liberal Democrats want to take God out of every thing we do. He can't be in schools, workplaces or meetings; however, if you can use him to an advantage then by all means use religion to further the cause.

If the Catholic hospitals and nuns and some priests can endorse Obama health care and lend their support, then maybe we should start to tax religion; some own some valuable property. A few religions even help illegals to get them phony documents while real Americans are suffering and out of work. If they want to be a voice in politics then pay like the rest of the people.

Edward Koziol


Domestic focus

Leaders flog dead horses overseas

It seems dead-horse flogging is the primary occupation of the Obama administration. Vice President Joe Biden is at it in Jerusalem. Secretary Robert Gates is flogging away in Afghanistan. Secretary Hillary Clinton is helping him, but is looking for her own dead horse.

President Obama is earnestly flogging away at his deceased nag. And let's not forget Gen. David Petraeus who has requisitioned one dead cavalry mount from the cavalry procurement bureau.

Their energy would be better spent taking care of the needs of our country.

Paul Lawton

Rudy Herz

Myrtle Beach

How it works

Dodge has lived a Surfside life

It's election time again and time for Surfside Beach residents to elect three council members. These three will serve a four-year term, and many important issues must be dealt with. We need to elect people who have lived here long enough to understand that this is really a family beach. his is not a vacation for the residents; we live here, raise our families here and retire here.

We must elect people who have lived through that process and can apply their knowledge for the good of our town. Ann Dodge is one of those people. She and her husband, Tom, have invested their lives here and have been very active in day-to-day issues within the town. Ann has the background, education and training necessary to hold a Town Council seat.

I urge Surfside Beach residents to vote for Ann Dodge on Tuesday.

Ann Williams

Surfside Beach


Religious prejudice has no place in U.S.

Re Bill Johnston letter, "Obama brought change, but not hope," March 15:

The fact that Johnston chose to use the trigger words "pandering to his Muslim brothers" tells more about Johnston than it does about our president. It seems Johnston is itching for a fight.

Although it is not my nature to fight, it is my nature to stick up for something that I perceive is a prejudiced remark about a race and/or religion. Muslims, Hebrews, Protestants, Catholics and Buddhists are just a few of the sects or religions that make our nation what it is - a welcoming pot for all who seek refuge from oppression. If Johnston believes in a higher power, does he think God would turn away a Muslim who is on his knees in prayer?

Hope comes from within yourself, change from without. It is what you choose to make of it.

Millie Herrman

Pawleys Island